Sorry girls, gloves don’t class that up.


One of my co-workers came in today with this catalog of prom dresses called The Cool Book 2010. His daughters are HS seniors and received this in the mail. Please note that they did not request this.  I’m glad he brought it in because he thought we would enjoy it. And enjoy it we did.


So there we are huddled up together around this catalog commenting on the girls, makeup, hair, and of course the dresses. Clearly some of them were assisted with the bumpit. I was wondering who these girls are who buy these dresses. Sure enough I did some digging around and found a gallery. Unfortunately, this just raised more questions. I’m interested in how much some of these dresses are but I’m afraid they will track me down (somehow?) with my cell phone and I’ll be getting lots of catalogs for proms/parties/beauty pagents.


I went to my prom 7 years ago and I did not wear or see anything like this. Have things changed that much in just 7 years? I’m scared for humanity.

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3 Responses to Sorry girls, gloves don’t class that up.

  1. Pricer says:

    I love the really REALLY big hair! Too funny!

  2. Diana Graham says:

    Thanks for the laugh! I can’t believe this is serious. CRAZY!

  3. Aunt Tish says:

    If you ask me this looks like an advertisement for a brothel and what you could have on your next trip to Las Vegas. It can’t be right that these are prom dresses – can it?????

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