Muffin Fail

So my little idea about transforming a muffin recipe failed miserably this morning. Miserably.


I’m too frustrated to really explain what happened but a combination of the vague instructions which lead to a mistake in addition to my idea about adding jam into the muffin. Stupid jam sunk to the bottom of the muffin during baking so I ended up with burned jam muffins that broke apart easily.  Let’s just say I am never promising baked goods to someone before I have made it.

I went off to the House Rabbit Network’s annual volunteer’s meeting with no muffins in hand, luckily there was DD on the way so I could get some munchkins. I told Price to throw out all the “muffins” while I was gone since I was so pissed at looking at them.

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28-year old New Englander. A crafty, sarcastic, shoe hoarding, iphone addict, home cook, new mom who loves to document it all in scrapbooks (and this blog)
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