The before shots

These pictures are boring as hell. I know it. There is nothing flashy about dirt and empty flower beds. Well, this past weekend Price and I cleaned up the yard by cleaning up the leaves, bringing the table out, dumping the compost to air it out, weeding, etc. The magic is beginning and pretty soon we will have some great things going on with hostas, roses, alyssum, elephant ears, moon flowers, morning glories, and a stubborn iris. Plus I just started strawberries, basil, parsley, 3 kinds of tomatoes, and winter squash. I’m hoping that is the year my blueberry plant will finally fruit. Fingers crossed!

This is the approach to our apartment. I have a potted hydrangea and a potted echinops on the left. Next to those are 3 little pines we got as a wedding favor from Price’s friend’s wedding in sept 2008 which have really taken off and will be repotted soon. The blueberry ‘bush’ grew like 3′ straight up last year so I’m hoping it will fan out this summer. The new green on there is making me hopeful.

Again, another boring photo. I wish I had what it looked like when I first moved in. Ha. It was all dirt. Plus I moved in august and there were leaves from the fall before on the ground. I have retrained the ivy, well sorta. I created the beds using a stupid amount of top soil, topped with peat moss, in the blocks that I bought. I removed all but one root tripping hazard. I need to finish the tiled area by picking up the rest of the extra tiles at work. Sadly the grass that I got to come in last year basically washed away with all the rain we just had.

Last year I planted sunflowers along the front of the porch. This year I’m going to convince my landlord it’s a good idea to let me plant a bunch of tomato plants there. Hoping that bribing him with tomatoes will work and he won’t care about me digging up his lawn more. There were gladioli and another tall wild flower in front of the bushes, but weeding that area revealed that most of the bulbs crapped out from the rain so I yanked the area clean and planted some elephant ears there. Plus then I trimmed back the hedge.

This iris was the biggest headache last year. I let it dry out, it would droop; gave it water, it would droop; gave it fertilizer, flies decided to lay eggs in the soil. Daily spraying for weeks got rid of the flies but the flower did nothing. I was lazy and just left it in the pot in the fall since I figured I was just dig it out in the spring and put something new in. Well, for once, being lazy has paid off since it has already doubled in size. The growth looks promising so I’m hoping for a flower this year.

We spend most nights out in the yard and most of the weekends too. Dinners from the grill, late night drinking, learning to use the smoker, drinking bloody mary’s while reading the paper- we do it all back here. So I’m really focused in making this our second living room. Hoping my planning and the weather don’t let me down.

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4 Responses to The before shots

  1. diana graham says:

    This is such a great time of year, soon everything will be GREEN and growing again. I look forward to your after pics. Love your bunny’s outfit too!

  2. Jo-Ann Keith says:

    How do you keep the strawberries away from the birds without dangering them.
    Every time the berries get red, here comes the birds.
    any suggestions.

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