6.17-19 How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You?

Happy Father’s Day weekend!

Friday Night-

happy it was friday and that I wore a knit tank top that my mom made for me

stayed a bit later at work

met Natalie in Coolidge Corner for dinner at Zaftigs

We went to Target where I bought bathroom accessories, in the wrong color needed. I’m a genius!

Natalie dropped me off at poker since Price and Jason were playing. I quietly hung around trying not to impose on guys night so that I could give them a ride when they were done since they were boozing. I painted my nails.

Home a bit before 1am


Haymarket for fruits and veggies. arrive just after 7


on my way back home I saw people already waiting for the Bruins parade

put together our sofa.

Comcast came an hour and a half late. I tried not to kill him. Thankfully Price dealt with the guy.

prepared starberry shortcake for a party

Attended a Graduation Party

Another trip to Target… this time to buy my first DSLR camera!!

dishes and sorting laundry


drove down to Greenwich for Father’s Day, left Boston around 7.30

briefly saw my mom and grandma


headed over to my sister’s new place for brunch. played with my niece Cara

headed back to Boston. Boston>Greenwich> Boston in less than 11 hours!

said goodbye to our friends moving back to Texas :-(

watched the DVR’s NASCAR Race with Price while we tried a new place for Chinese take out. meh I miss the old place we lived by

wrote blog posts

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Mom. Bostonian. Rabbit and Boston Terrier owner. Home cook. Scrapbooker. Sperry and Kate Spade addict. Never without my phone.
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