Not feeling it.

I’m not into blogging today.

Typically, I will come home and jump on the computer and finish a post, or I’ll get up early and do one. But this week has felt all off to me. It’s a short week at work so you would think I would have more energy but I think I’m checked out already even though I am busy (and still productive). So I think I’m mentally checked out of blogging for today. I have plenty of things planned, but the thought of pluggin in my SD card to retrieve photos, edit them, write a post, and blah blah blah has me want to crawl under the covers. So that it what I am going to do now, relax on the sofa and watch DVR’s Grimm and post something with substance tomorrow.

Because it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want. Thank.You.Very.Much.


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About iamahoneybee

28-year old New Englander. A crafty, sarcastic, shoe hoarding, iphone addict, home cook, new mom who loves to document it all in scrapbooks (and this blog)
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2 Responses to Not feeling it.

  1. hah i definitely feel the same way sometimes! you go girl!

  2. Sean Kelly says:


    You don’t answer to us, your readers. We are privileged to read what you have and on *your* schedule, not ours.

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