Relax LO: Day 2- KP’s Sketchbook 4

{Day 2}

This layout took FOREVER!!! It made me remember why I don’t sew on layouts. But… at the same time it made me wish I did it more often. I like the final outcome of the handmade look of it. I think I will have to try it more often… maybe not just so much!

I really enjoyed this because I don’t typically use circles in layouts. I have tons of circle punches but I never seem to grab them. In this case I created a 1″x1″ grid on the backside of my paper, then I centered a 1/2″ circle on each point, and then outlined each circle. That gave me my guide for where to sew and the pattern to create. I then created each design using  different color threads. Pretty simple but effective.


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28-year old New Englander. A crafty, sarcastic, shoe hoarding, iphone addict, home cook, new mom who loves to document it all in scrapbooks (and this blog)
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6 Responses to Relax LO: Day 2- KP’s Sketchbook 4

  1. Christine says:

    Wow, all the sewing, that looks really nice. And your rabbit is such a cutie!!

  2. love the sewing! Can you please tell me who makes the paperdoll punch- if it is a punch? Thanks!

  3. Carol says:

    Nicole, that stitchwork is fab!

  4. KarenP(kphike) says:

    This is so great! love how you did the stitching!

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