11.20-25: Thanksgiving Long Weekend Recap

{Tuesday Night} finished punch listing early| get bourbon | drive home | Price cleans the rabbits cage /& I talk to Rosa re: going away | laundry | eggs with guac & toast for dinner | clean out the fridge| grocery store for SRC prep| shower | finish packing | Price went to bed at 11| photo editing | bed at 11.45

{Wednesday} alarm at 3am | dress and feed the rabbits | call cab | at airport at 4.15am | mcdonalds | 6am flight | Phoenix | get bags | starbucks | Tom picks us up | Walmart for pie & see Tom’s school | house |nap |Jack in the Box & Walgreens | star gazing | hot tub | bed

{Thursday- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!} Wake up early | lounge around | watch the news | call family | breakfast | Today Show | Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade |Price and Tom carve the turkey| lunch | football | pie | phone calls| more football and mystery shows|pickles and wine | hot tub | bed

{Friday} wake up for Black Friday online sales | shower and get ready | drive around and head to the zoo | nap in the car | World Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium |another nap in the car | lunch at Monti’s |back to Tom’s | feet in the pool and catch up on twitter | lounge around | caulk the tub | blog drafts | In & Out for dinner | Walgreen’s | lounge around watching the end of the dog show and reading Food Network Magazine | go to bed

{Saturday} stupid dog woke us up | coffee | blog drafts | get Powerball tickets |McDonald’s for more coffee | drive around the neighborhood | back to Tom’s | Men Who Built America marathon | shower & get ready | lunch at Filibertos | drive  around the neighborhood  | sit by the pool | more Men Who Built America marathon | writing blog drafts | leftovers | hot tub | showers | bed

{Sunday} Price and Tom got coffees & breakfast | eat breakfast outside | packing up | leave for the airport at 10.30 | have drinks and lunch | 1.30 flight | home at 8.45 | bunny love | relaxing and then bed

price misses jet blue

fire pit_01 fire pit_02

dummy heads shot in the head dummy

jack in the box curly fries

price made breakfast

thanksgiving thanksgiving turkey

in and out burger_01in and out burger_02

playing powerball filiberto's_AZ

heidi braids

chopped salad burger

us- flight home

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Mom. Bostonian. Rabbit and Boston Terrier owner. Home cook. Scrapbooker. Sperry and Kate Spade addict. Never without my phone.
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One Response to 11.20-25: Thanksgiving Long Weekend Recap

  1. Elaine says:

    Sounds great….I want a hot tub!

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