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Brimfield Finds

Yesterday I went to Brimfield for my 4th time. It was such a great day- the weather was fantastic and the best part was getting a great deal on the things we purchased. Finding deals and cool things is just … Continue reading

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Brimfield’s weirdest and finest

Yesterday I went to the Brimfield Antiques Show for the third time. I absolutely love it. I love hunting around for the best bargains, most unique finds, and spotting the weirdest things that people are hawking.   I was talking Brimfield up with my … Continue reading

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Brimfield: From Balls Jars to Raspberry Lime Rickeys

Emily and I went to Brimfield again this year becuase we loved the experieince last year so much. It’s just a massive conacopia of crap. Some good, so bad, all with a pretty funny story. Here goes… (L) A 1800’s … Continue reading

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Weekend Recap

I would have to say this weekend was a sucess. I had a great time with pricer before he left for another week. Plus I got do a bunch of fun things. Starting with Friday night… We originally talked about … Continue reading

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