Sandcastles in the sky

One word- exhausted.

Most three day weekends are relaxing but I took today off so I could go to the Brimfield Antique Show with Emily. Really, I can’t miss a chance to see the stuff that people have dug out of their attics and then buy it. So we planned for the show and then added on the New England Sand Sculpting Festival to make our day jammed pack.

Brimfield was insane. Some things were amazing like this set of dishes from the late 1800’s I wanted (too bad I don’t have $800 just to throw around) and other things were scary/gross like this one tent that smelled like grandma’s closet mixed with dead animal. While we were getting crispy in the sun I found some cool Pyrex, a rabbit postcard from 1906, 2 Vaseline glass juice reamers, and this AMAZING copper pot and Emily found this cool (‘hipster’) necklace and a decanter. The pot was the deal of the day- $50 and great condition. Plus the guy selling it was hilarious- he had this monster sized hands that had massive gold rings on all his fingers. HA!



So after getting a mild sunburn, spending all our cash on old stuff and Pilgrim sandwiches we headed off to the Revere Beach, America’s first beach, to watch grown men (and a woman)  play in the sand. Luckily, the temp cooled off a bit and some clouds came in otherwise I would look like a lobsta right now. The sand sculptures were incredible. We hung around for a while watching them build, sadly one collapsed a bit but he quickly got to work on fixing it- I would have just fixed myself a strong drink at that point to take a break.

 IMG_2753    IMG_2764

IMG_2763    IMG_2761

IMG_2758    IMG_2757

So glad tomorrow is Saturday so I can sleep in.