procrastination and a beet salad

Unit 2 for my World Religion summer class is due on Wednesday by 9am. Since I love to procrastinate, I decided I would put off reading Chapters 4-7 (pgs 154 thru 316) until the weekend before. I admit this is not a smart idea and yet I did the same thing for the first unit. Maybe I will learn, one day. Well I spent Sunday outside getting sun, drinking some beer, and reading.

I got 6 out of 9 discussion responses submitted to the discussion boards last night so that left the remaining 3 for Monday and Tuesday night. Not bad, not bad. So I moved along with my plans for a haircut and to run over to Shaws to get some food for the week… lots of bunny veggies, stuff for gazpacho, and enough chocolate for cupcakes that I will be making later this week.

So all this lead to tonight’s running around and a great dinner. Price (yay! he got back Sunday afternoon!) and I had some pulled BBQ chicken, had some mac and cheese I made on Sunday night, corn on the grill, and beet salad! I got a bunch of beets at the Government Center Farmer’s Market (Mon & Wed) for $2.30! I admit that I had never had a beet before, or at least don’t remember it.

Well, the beets were really good and really easy to prepare. Boil them for a long time, drain, cool, rub skin off, slice. Simple. I used my mandolin for even slices. I threw them into a salad with some red leaf lettuce, red onion, lemon juice, and balsamic vinegar. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture….too distracted with getting everything ready and anticipation for another Big Love episode. Can’t get enough of that show.


About iamahoneybee

Mom to Autumn and Hunter, Wife to Price. Rabbit and Boston Terrier owner. Former Bostonian soaking up the Florida Sun. Home cook messing around with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You'll find me most often with my phone in hand wearing my uniform of a Tunic with leggings rocking some Sperry's. A bit of prep mixed with bourbon and a foul mouth.
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