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Wish List

I hate getting emails from companies. Hate it. The worst is Red Envelope. They have such great stuff.  It is a horrible tease to get these emails. Oooo look this pretty necklace is on sale.  Damn, I still don’t have $120 to … Continue reading

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Mysterious Bruise and other random things

So I have a pretty decent bruise on my right foot. I have no idea how I got it. No, my foot is not dirty. I actually noticed it while in vigoriously scrubbing it in the shower (7/22)- alas bruises don’t scrub away. … Continue reading

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Yelp+boat= amazing elite event

Price left to go back to NY until Sunday night. I was mopey at our lunch together because it is almost a week apart. He quickly corrected me and said only 5 days. True. At least it is not over … Continue reading

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Kick back, relax, and scrapbook

I organize a Scrapbooking Meetup so that I can have people over to scrapbook. Its great being able to share my stamps and tools with people, esp since I have sooo many stamps!! Well, I was in slow mo all … Continue reading

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Sandcastles in the sky

One word- exhausted. Most three day weekends are relaxing but I took today off so I could go to the Brimfield Antique Show with Emily. Really, I can’t miss a chance to see the stuff that people have dug out of their … Continue reading

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