Relaxing Rabbits

I took a few pictures of them last night….




Jack ate, and therefore touched, carrots yesterday….so he got a bit orange.


Bunny eatting some pear this morning


Stuffed Artichokes

Stymie: It might choke Arty, but it ain’t gonna choke Stymie!

Whenever I hear someone say Artichoke I think of that line from the Little Rascals. I remember my mom making stuffed artichokes when I was younger but I was not a fan then. I slowly came around to them, just like tomatoes. One thing at a time, first it was okay in dips, then marinated in salads, and now I even cooked them for our dinner! Over the weekend I went to grocery store and artichokes were on sale. Crazy on sale…. I got 7 for about $3. I could not pass them up so I called my mom when I was there to find out how she made stuffed artichokes. Luckily, she told me how easy they were so I planned for them to be our dinner on Sunday night.

IMG_0291 IMG_0293

To be quite honest I don’t have a recipe for this because I just winged it. My mom told me what was in the filling but no amounts so I just got to work and made it up as i went along. I think I was a little heavy on the hot pepper but the amount of garlic and cheese was good. They are easy to eat- snap off a leaf and scrape off the filling and ‘choke with your teeth. Plus, I was able to add all the post meal leaves to our compost.


parmesan cheese
parsley, finely chopped (I used a lot)
garlic, minced
hot pepper flake
olive oil
salt and pepper

Mix breadcrumbs, cheese, parsley, garlic, and seasonings together in a bowl. Add olive oil to make a paste to stuff into artichoke.

Artichokes need to be prepped by carefully opening them up. Trim away the tips as you go. Wash them at this point and trip the bottom so it sits evenly. Separate the leaves to you have room for the stuffing. Stuff the artichokes.

Steam the artichokes for 20-30 minutes in a pot with an inch of water, add water if level gets too low. (Don’t walk away and start to watch TV! I almost forgot about them!)

How to embarrass your dad….

I posted just a few hours ago about this amazing new blog that accepts hilarious photos of your dad in short shorts to post for the world to see.  You know, the shorts they wore in the late 70’s/ early 80’s. Please don’t tell me your dad still wears them…. please no.

Well my friend Emily told me about this blog. It totally made my day! So I share this with you so you all can all waste have an amazing time too.

Now, the best thing about this blog is that Emily’s dad is now on there. Yes, she submitted a photo!

Please click here. I beg you!

A winner, a countdown, and funny blog

The winner of the giveaway is:

Natalie: I would love to win snail adhesive and two refills! I am so excited about starting my scrapbook! Thanks for the helpful advice!

Last night I realized that Price and I will graduate 8 months from TODAY! 8 months seems like a long time but I don’t have class for 5 of them!! It will feel so good to be done, esp since we started in Sept 2003. It’s a 7 1/2 year program, so we got things done even faster than normal but it still seems like we have been at this foreverrrrrrrrrr

& last but not least…..

My friend Emily showed me a site that you have to check out! She even entered a picture of her dad- not yet posted.

Dad… you think I have any photos to add to this site? ha

Cards and Candles

This weekend I hosted a charity event at our place through the meetups I organize to benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation. 20% of all merchandise sales from orders until 10/31 are going to the Susan G Komen Foundation. To show attendees what they could do with SU! products by displaying a lot of cards and scrapbook pages. Additionally, there were some cards for them to make. Plus I got to show them this cool technique for ‘stamping’ on candles I learned from my upline.




In addition to the cards I showed them how easy it is to create cute candles by ‘stamping’ on them!


The butterfly candle is one image, the cherry candle is one piece of tissue that was stamped several times, and the birthday candle is a Stampin’ Around image on one piece of tissue.

white tissue paper
wax paper
heat gun
1. Stamp on the tissue paper. You can even color in the image with markers
2. Cut out the image as close as possible.
3. Lay the stamped image on the candle and hold it in place with a wax paper wrap. This also creates a handle so you do not burn your fingers too badly!
4. Heat the image and candle with your heat gun. The image appears shiny as it begins to adhere itself to the candle.
5. Slowly pull off the wax paper. If areas are not properly attached to the candle wrap again and heat.
FYI- You do not want to re-use the wax paper from candle to candle, or if you do multiple images on a candle.