Beyond excited!!!!!!!!!

I was really bad and skipped my second class for a concert Monday night. But any trouble that I get into will be totally worth it because I saw an amazing show!!!! AMAZING!! I went to the Perez Presents Tour and saw Frankmusik, Semi Precious Weapons, Ida Maria, and LadyHawke. Plus I got to meet all but 1 of the performers- Ida Maris had a meltdown on stage and stoped after 2 songs and came back to cry through the third. I chatted with Dan (drummer for SPW) for awhile after their set so when it all ended I was invited backstage with some other people. Then I went out with Vincent Frank (Frankmusik) and his players to find an open bar. Once we settled in at Landsdowne LadyHawke came in with her band. And then after I walked with Vincent and 2 others to a pizza place. Finally I went home and went to bed a bit after 3. The excitement from the night before carried me through the day on about 2 1/2 hours sleep. Kinda crashing now but it all was worth it!!!


Me and Vincent- Frankmusik


Me and Justin, singer from SPW


Me and Dan, drummer from SPW


Me and Cole, bassist from SPW


Me and Stevy, guitarist  from SPW


BPD posing with SPW backstage


Frankmusik using my iphone to Google his friend Peter Glam to show everyone that Justin from SPW and Peter Glam look alike

Such a perfect night.

I’ll upload picture to Facebook and videos to youtube sometime this week.