Grin and Bear it

Our company participates in an architectural softball league. We are in the C league- since we are okay and don’t take ourselves seriously- like people bring beers to base or outfield. And if you knock it over as you run around… you are in trouble! I have gone in the past to cook and take pictures but this year I decided it would be ‘fun’ to play. Since I have no coordination I decided catcher would be good since you don’t want an outfielder who can’t throw far or a basemen who ducks at balls. Well, catcher has to throw the ball back every time. Damn! I forgot that is part of the game. So I whined my way through the season (sorry Mike) and was eager to express my excitement when we had enough players so I did not have to play! Yay! I would grill and take pictures so it really was hard playing, grilling, and taking pictures.


This page explains my feelings about softball with a picture from our first game- when it was still new and exciting to me!