Good Eats


I got to meet and got a book signed by Alton Brown tonight! Yes, the Alton Brown on Good Eats and Iron Chef America and the Next Iron Chef. He’s a busy man. But not too busy to sign a book. Okay, it was for a book tour to promote his new book, Good Eats: The Early Years,  but it was still so great to get him to sign the book and take a picture with me.

I met my friend Natalie to go to the signing. We waited in line for about an hour at Brookline Booksmith. We were excited!!

IMG_0457 IMG_0458

As we got closer we got more excited, plus we could see him!

IMG_0459 IMG_0460

And then it was our turns! I got the book signed for Price and me so Alton asked who Price was. I told him my boyfriend. Noticing that there was no boy with me he asked where he was and I told him in class. ‘Class for what?’ ‘ Architecture’ ‘ Cool, but there are already so many buildings. You made the right choice coming here tonight.’ Oh, Alton I agree 🙂

IMG_0463 IMG_0464