Happy Magazine Day

Whenever I receive the Creating Keepsakes Magazine I proudly proclaim that it is “Magazine Day”! I think Price is used to this extreme behavior by now but he still thinks it odd. He either leaves our mail on our ledge by the door or on our ‘dining’ table. Once I see it I act like a 5 year old by dropping my bags to the floor and hurling myself onto the Cos’ (yes our Sofa has a name) and read through it. Then I read through it again. And then I read through it again.

I had to schedule a 60,000 mile service for my car today. I got an appointment for Monday at 7.15am… ooo early. I was all ready to get up earlier for this and drop some money on a service but I had a radical idea which was asking how much it was. I figured $200 which would suck but it needs to be done. Well when the oh so polite woman on the phone rattled $399.95 I nearly died. I got off the phone as quickly as I could so the woman would not hear me swear..  a lot. So to numb my pain I went to Borders to surround myself with some pretty books and comfy chairs. I ended up getting the newest Special Issue from Creating Keepsakes. The ‘Super-Fast Pages with 4×6 Photos’  is a great issue because there are a lot of layouts using 1-5+ photos. I love fast, simple layouts and all of them are really inspiring. So my sticker shock was taking down a little, but things got even better when I got home!!


When I got home there was the Nov issues of Gourmet and Martha Stewart Living!!!!!! PLUS my supply package for Elizabeth Kartchner’s online class came too! I have lots to reading to do this weekend 🙂


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