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The weather outside is….

As I was out shopping today I kept thinking about the song “Let it Snow”. As I ran around from the Christmas Tree Shop, Costco, and Micheal’s I was excited and horrified about the weather. I know the average is 47 for … Continue reading

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All in a day’s work

I love the days that are both relaxing and productive. After 8 hours of blissful sleep I got up to start the day. Pricer made me breakfast since I was whining about not having bread for toast. We head off … Continue reading

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Lots of Thanks!

We had a great thanksgiving yesterday! Lots of relaxing, fun, and great food. Price and I went up to see his mom at her friend’s house in NH. It was great seeing Dan and Mary since it had been about a year … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: The Myth

I’m kinda pissed at myself and my teachers, and the public at large, for my limited knowledge about Thanksgiving. -Lies- In last week’s Sunday Globe I read an article explaining how the Pilgrims did not first land at Plymouth rock. … Continue reading

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Moosh and Moosha

So I have a thing with nicknames. I go by Nicole or Nic, and it has to be spelled that way. I won’t respond if people call me Nicki. There once was a time that someone introduced me to a … Continue reading

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