Rah Rah Rah

I would like to know who decided to change the kick off time for the BC vs Central Michigan game? yeah, yeah I would.


Price and I got tickets to the Boston College football game against Central Michigan for 10/31. We got the tickets though Emily’s mom’s friend…a big thank you for that! I had never been to a college football game so I was really amped up for it. Plus it was Halloween!


Price and I took the T to the end of the B line and thought things were a bit off since the area was not very crowded even though it was 1 and that was when kick off was….. or so we thought! Once we got on the campus we saw there was a sign with the day’s schedule and it said the game was at 3.30!! So at some point in the last 2 weeks they changed the time since Price and I checked it recently to coordinate the time for his friend to come into town from NY for Halloween. We specifically planned our day around at 1pm kickoff. There was from frantic calling/texting to see if anyone wanted to go. In the end we went back home, had some lunch and then went back for the first half. IMG_0646

It was really worth it that we went back and stayed for the first half since we had a great time. The game started off with CM getting a touch down and the field goal, there was some back and forth for possessions. It seemed like we would not see BC score but they got a touchdown and field goal right before the half. Their end zone was right in front of us so it was cool to see that so close. It turns out that BC won 31-10. It would have been cool to see the whole game but we had to get going. There is only one more home game for the season and we have plans already so I’ll have to look into getting tickets for next year. Ooo maybe some tailgating?!?


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