Thanksgiving: The Myth

I’m kinda pissed at myself and my teachers, and the public at large, for my limited knowledge about Thanksgiving.


In last week’s Sunday Globe I read an article explaining how the Pilgrims did not first land at Plymouth rock. Umm excuse me? Since I can remember I have been told about Plymouth Rock. Now I come to find out that they first arrived in what is now Provincetown, the gay vacation spot at the end of the Cape. They stayed in Provincetown for over a month and a half before exploring the Cape more, stealing corn, fighting with the Natives, and arriving in Plymouth. Check out this article and animated video.

-That’s not vogue-

Then I read an article by AJ Jacobs about the First Thanksgiving called “Be a Pilgrim for a Day”. Sorry people… no pumpkin pie, no candied yams, no cranberry sauce! It has not even been confirmed if they had turkey, records only say ‘wild fowl’ so that could mean geese, ducks, or turkey. Nor did they wear black and white or buckles. That’s right folks- all the cartoons you have seen are wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving as a day off where stuff our faces with family and friends. It is just a shame that we don’t really know the history behind it. For example, last Christmas I got some people annoyed (my mom) when a family friend and I started to tell everyone at dinner the truth about Christmas. Like Jesus’s name was not Jesus, in fact it was Yeshua. Jesus was also not born in a manger. Translations from Greek really messed things up, along with popular culture.

Learn more about Thanksgiving:

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