The weather outside is….

As I was out shopping today I kept thinking about the song “Let it Snow”. As I ran around from the Christmas Tree Shop, Costco, and Micheal’s I was excited and horrified about the weather. I know the average is 47 for 11.29 but today seemed sooo hot in the mid 50’s. Yes, we have had snow, but it just does not seem like Christmas yet. It might be my mindset since I am all wrapped up in school since I’m done on the 17th (news flash my teacher moved the final review up!) but it does not seem like the year is winding down.

So with our Christmas tree in our apartment and our door open to cool the place off we got to work on decorating. No, I was not wasting energy with the door open. We had turned the heat way down and it was still 72 in the apartment- 12″ of concrete does insulate well. So we propped open the door to cool off. 

Price and I quickly got to work on the tree getting the lights on and then the ornaments. Most of I love to see them all and see the ones we have gotten together over the years- like the personalized ones my mom got us in 2007 and the poker cards she got price last year. I have my favorites like the ballerina frog, rabbit ornament, moose  from maine, and the sugar-plum fairy @ my mom’s house. I never noticed until this year when Pricer asked where the tree topper was that we don’t have one… I’ll have to get to work on that.

Last year the rabbits were much more interested in the tree. We had to keep an eye out for them at all times since we did not want them to eat the lights or the ornaments. You never really know with them since Jack likes to chew on the metal bookcase. I had to plop Jack down at the tree and even then there was lots of begging to stay there while I took a picture.

 Bunny, as usual was worse, I had to get out the bag of raisins to get her to participate in a picture. Even then it was a failed attempt and she ran off quickly. No, that is not poo in the picture, the is the raisins I spilled as I tired to sit down with her, the raisins, and camera.

She quickly ran behind the tree to hide. And just as quickly she ran away…