It’s Snowing!!!!

Although we had a record high on Thursday of 69 degrees (beat the old record of 65 set inĀ 1932) it’s now snowing. That’s right, 2 days later and 30+ degrees cooler, we now have snow. Big fat snow flakes are coming down now. The forcast is for 2-5 inches of snow in Boston. Yikes.

I got to wear my hat!!

I loved how the flakes photographed!

Looking down our street

not that excited about digging the car out tomorrow but still excited that this is the first real snow of the season

I’m trying to stay postive now since I really, really don’t like the snow and cold. Well I love snow, I just hate that it has to be cold to snow. Maybe if I stay enthusiastic now the winter will seem exciting and fun and I won’t want to scream every morning until mid March.