The begining of the rest of my life

So if this weekend is an example of what life is like without college I’m a big fan of it.

On Friday night Price and I went over our friends’ apartment for a holiday party. These Texan’s know how to throw a party since they had tamales flown in. After filling up on tamales and margaritas we headed home. But in need to another cavity we went to 7-11 for slurpees.


I’m a child

Saturday was another day ignoring the huge mess that is our apartment. Price and I got massages- mine to fix the cramping in my calfs and Price’s was a pay back for the model he made for me since he spent like 20 hours bent over making it. Then I visited a friend in the hospital and since he needed some holiday cheer I decorated his room with paper chains. Oh the bight side he has one of the best views in all of Boston, sadly just a liver that is quitting way too early in life. Donors welcomed :-/

And then there is today… I woke up after 10!!! Man I love to sleep. I was pretty disapointed by the snow that fell overnight. We got about 8 inches. I wanted the 24inches that DC got! Anyway…. I called up 1 of the Texans to go shopping. I wanted to go shopping with her but part of it really was to hear her exclaim ‘Look at all this snow!!” “This my first blizzard!” You know it does not snow in southern Texas!” “Oh my god this is my first icicle!!!” I loved it all. Plus I got to finish all of my Christmas shopping.

It had been ages since I had been to the mall. There was a whole wing that I had not seen. William Sonoma let me down since they were sold out of the thing I was looking for, but lunch at California Pizza Kitchen was pretty good even though I ordered the wrong salad- my bad. Our waiter made of Natalie and her slow talking, what the hell you do not make fun of the customers! But she gave it right back to him so that put him in his place. Plus, we ordered Sangiras since its National Sangria Day- yes I’m a huge dork but at least Natalie went along with it.

Once at home I wrapped Price’s gifts to have them ripped open within 20 minutes. We won’t see each other on Xmas so we (I) figured now is just as good as Monday or Tuesday night.

So excited for my slipper boot things! My feet are always cold- no joke. Our apartment is not cold but my feet aways are. I have even been in the house and worn 3 pairs of socks and been comfortable.

Now to write out Christmas cards and  finish a wreath I started last night! That’s right, I now have time for crafts!!