Tone deaf boozie folks + singing= best Friday night idea

Last Friday night Price and I went to Jacob Wirth for their Friday night sing along. There is the guy, Mel Stiller, who plays the piano so you can sing along. This guy is some song savant. Sure he has been doing this since 1989 but I am soo impress that you can request like 500 songs for him to play. It  was our first time to we were a bit new to the yelling out song pages the overall protocal but we got the hang of it and had a blast. At first we were with some Meetup people and then Emily and her friend Kevin came. So a dinner and some singing turned into a 4 and 1/2 hour experience with horse voices at the end of the night.

Price is my ying to my yang. I am loud and a bit wacky but he is collected and quite, until he has a few beers. In fact I kinda skimmed over the fact that this meetup for a sing along. He was stunned when he found out about 2 hours before getting there. Luckily, he was a good sport and went along with the whole thing- just like the time we went to see Tony and Tina’s Wedding in NYC and he ended up getting pulled into the ‘show’ and going the can can.

I was so excited that I got 2 songs played that I requested. First Ring of Fire (#360) and Don’t Stop Believin’ (#369). How can you not love Johnny Cash and Journey?!?!?! For a while Mel was saying it was too early for Don’t Stop Believin’ until a few others yelled back how it was good then. But I think the $5 tip I put in the jar right in front of him helped too.



And here we have Kevin purposely butchering “you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling”: