why not to tell people you are making cake

 because when you drop it on the floor you have no cake to share!!!!!!!!

I have had cake failures when I have screwed up the recipe and made a bad cake but this is worse because it looked great and I just dropped it.

Plus having the frosting made with no cake just sucks.

But now I know that I can successfully make a Dr Pepper Texas Chocolate Cake from the Dinosaur BBQ cookbook. So excited to get this cookbook!!!

Better luck next time!!



About iamahoneybee

Mom to Autumn and Hunter, Wife to Price. Rabbit and Boston Terrier owner. Former Bostonian soaking up the Florida Sun. Home cook messing around with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. You'll find me most often with my phone in hand wearing my uniform of a Tunic with leggings rocking some Sperry's. A bit of prep mixed with bourbon and a foul mouth.
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2 Responses to why not to tell people you are making cake

  1. Michael says:

    make a summer pudding by putting the broken cake into a bowl and push it around the edges. Then make a chocolate custard with gelatine in and pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours. When set, turn it out onto a plate and you have a lovely chocolate cake pudding!
    check out my baking blog and tell me what you think:



  2. Mom says:

    what about the 5 second rule…???


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