An SNL that I did not fast forward through

“With the snow and Ice? Do you know that there are places with sunshine and dancing?”

Price and I record SNL because I usually whimp out before 11.30 and go to bed. Since we record the show, we typically fast forward though most of it. I hate to say that since Tina Fey is gone and Kristen Wiig has increased her role on the show I have tuned out. I’m really tired of the same role that Kristen Wiig plays. She is the wacky, funny faced crazy or slow person… the deformed sister on the Lawrence Welk Show, Gilly, Sue, The Target Lady, and the annoying travel agent Judy Grimes that ruins Weekend Update. I’m really surprised that these roles have been written for her because 1) they are horrible 2) they don’t showcase how good she can actually be. Like last night- she was great playing Gwen Stefani in the opening skit. Well all that is just my opinion but in all I was happy with last night’s show because there were no Gilly appearances or skits that went too long and became awkward.

Well, last night was a great show that we sat through, but even more importantly enjoyed. Jennifer Lopez hosted and did a great job hosting and performing. The opening act about the atrocity that is the “We are the World 2”-my thoughts exactly. From there things just got better. I think that the sketch about the Telemundo Olympic Coverage was the best.

If you have not watched the episode yet you should check it out on Hulu.