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A Happy Distraction

I’m back into scrapbooking. It really seems like it has been forever. Granted all of my stuff has been out in the living room and office but with the flood drama and our stuff being stacked up on other things … Continue reading

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Ready for Spring-Edamame Salad

Spring is confused in Boston. For one thing it is just about constantly raining. I’m ready for the rain to stop so I can get out in the yard and fix everything that the rain screwed up and prepare things … Continue reading

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You’re a Mess

On Friday night, Price and I went over our friend Jovan’s place for a Sangria party. He has been traveling across the country working on farms for this thesis. He was back briefly so he planned a party for people to catch … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Waffles

I describe myself as a morning person. I basically am but when I’m going to bed late during the week from watching tv, movies, cleaning, homework (previously) I tend to be less of a morning person than what my true … Continue reading

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Magic Garden

  While visiting my friend Dawn in Philly this past weekend, we went to the Magic Garden. Magic Garden is this indoor and outdoor exhibit that displays the work of Isaiah Zagard. While his work is throughout Philadelphia, this is the … Continue reading

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