Bunny Nose Best

Last night we snapped a few photos of the rabbits. I bribed them with raisins for the close up shots.

Sorry for the title pun. I just could not resist. ūüôā


Bacon and Beer- the perfect marriage


This past Saturday Emily and I, along with our boyfriends Peter and Price, went to the first annual Boston Bacon and Beer Festival hosted by eatBoston. The idea was genius. I admit to being more attracted to the idea of the bacon based things more than the beer. I just don’t really like beer. I know, I know, you have to try it until you find something you like. Sure but when I am at a bar up here I am not about to plunk down $5-8 on a beer I might not like so I stick with the few I know I do like or just get water. Well I figured that going to this would give me the chance to try a few beers.¬†If I did not like I could always pass it on to Price or just toss it out.


¬†Besides the event being cool for being about bacon and beer it was held in this really cool open air building. The¬†vacant building¬† was built in 1891 as the Central Power Station for the West End Street Railway Company, the precursor to the MBTA. It was the¬†world‚Äôs largest electrical power station at the time. Later on the building¬†became a trolley barn. Now it is used by SOWA’s residents business owners for events, such as antique shows. The building is a mixture of The Romanesque and Gothic Revival styles.

So back to the food and drink…. There were 25 restaurants and 16 breweries. So there was a great selection of beer and bacon samples to try.¬† I tried a few breweries and the one that I liked the best was a beer called Brown Angel¬†from Clown Shoes Brewing. I thought it was a nice rich dark color (so pretty!) and really refreshing. It was a beer that I could get to¬†relax in the backyard or just drink any time. I stuck with wondering around and trying the bacon things. There were bacon caramel¬†sauces that were served with vanilla ice cream, savory cheesecakes¬†with bacon, beer and bacon cupcakes, and so many things that we did not even get to try. One of the most unusual¬†was the bacon and chocolate shakes served¬†by b.good. hands down favorite was the salad and portobello mushroom served with a bacon based dressing. This was from Henrietta’s Table, which is my favorite place in Cambridge, so I was really excited to try what they had to offer and not surprised that I loved it. There were crazy lines since the event was popular but mainly because it was¬†not laid out well, hoping they fix that for next year.


Lastly, I got 3 things while there. 1) The bacon hot sauce we saw. That was kinda obvious since it’s a great combination of bacon and hot sauce!! The bacon flavor added a slight smokiness to the hot sauce. 2) I got a necklace from Black Sheep Designs. It was a pretty cool necklace since it had an old T token. I miss the T tokens and I know this will be a great thing to have around after we move. 3) Whenever I go out I’m on the look out for cute rabbit themed things. Well Price spotted this hilarious letterpress card from Ferdinand’s booth. He got it for us so I just need to get it framed now. Love it.


Day 116

I am a klutz. Major klutz. I fall a lot. Last year I documented¬†that I fell when Price and I went to the Highline¬†in NYC. I always have wiped out on the hardwood floor, on our bedroom rug, at my mom’s birthday, etc. All of that was last year.

Well I did it again yesterday! I was meeting Price for lunch yesterday so here I am walking to him and catch my heel on the bricks of the freedom trail and 1-2-3 fall on my right knee. I went smashing down right in front of a cemetary full of tourists…umm not embarrassing at all! Price got me up and I insisted on continuing on instead of going back to my office to switch into my sneakers and¬†clean up my leg. Once we were ordered our lunch¬†I checked on my knee. See I was wearing black footless¬†tights that magically did not tear when I fell, so I did not see that I was actually bleeding pretty¬†badly at that point. I have skills.

So Price was a good sport and took my Project 365 photo of me and my smashed up knee when i was going to bed. Luckily, the photo is not really in focus so it just looks like a rug burn, sadly it is not and is a scabby mess today. <round of applause for me>

scrapbooking a tradition

I think that scrapbooking is a great way to be creative and to document events like birthdays, holidays, and vacations. These special events often involve a tradition. We have a tradition to open Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve. A tradition that Price and I have is that we make pizza on my birthday. This past January was the 5th year together so 5th time. It really would not seem like my birthday without it.

I wanted this layout to be more about our tradition for my birthday than just saying what we did for my 25th birthday. I felt that documenting that this was the 5th year of our pizza dinner better told the story about my birthday and how meaningful those pizzas area. While I hate olives I used the stamp with the olive because I love the message and Price’s pizza always has olives on it.


All supplies are from Stampin’ Up! (contact me at nicole@spasiano.com¬†if you are interested in their products)

Baby, I think we need a goat…..

Price is not all too excited about my new pet idea.

I went to the 23rd annual Sheep Shearing Festival¬†with Emily and her boyfriend on Saturday morning. We saw hand and electric sheep shearing, historical reinactments, sheep hearding, apacas, chickens… and best of all Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Umm I’m in love. They were so tiny!! And not tiny like baby goat that will grow into a huge goat but tiny adult goat.

I think that I need a few acres for my chickens and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Yep, that’s the plan.