Quiet Corner Adventures:2

“hunny let’s go to Someplace Special….”

Like a moth to a flame…. Emily and I are drawn to the Quiet Corner of CT. This got started last year when she had to renew her licence and we went to the Putnam DMV outlet.  The DMV location is basically a permanent construction trailer plopped into a parking lot… so sad. We spend that wintery morning driving around Putnam and Pomfret, enjoying a good breakfast at The Vanilla Bean Cafe, doing some xmas shopping at small stores and galleries, and laughing our asses off at the DMV since they put her really old Washington DC address on the new licence… smmmart.

Well our fascination with the Quiet Corner has reached a new level. I wanted to go to Logee’s Greenhouse to get a little lime tree so that became a good enough reason to head down there. Some may think that driving an hour and fifteen minutes each way just to get a lime tree that I can order on-line is insanity but that is the type of thing that makes for our Quiet Corner Adventures.

Our first stop in the QC was Bill’s Bread and Breakfast. A breakfast place known for their muffins and english muffins. I brought Pricer back some muffins and english muffins, which really are not like english muffins but are damn good anyway. Then we headed back to Martha’s Herbary, just a town over in Pomfret. I could do some serious damage here because everything is so damn cute. I restrained myself from getting a lamp since Price would have killed me and instead got his mom her birthday present. (see you next week Elaine!)

Logee’s looked unimpressive when we pulled up. I as hoping that we did not just drive this far for no reason. Well, once inside the place opened up into several connected greenhouses. Row after row and aisle after aisle were loaded with flowering plants, ferns, cacti, and fruiting trees. I went with the goal of getting some citrus trees so I stuck with that but it was hard at times with beautiful begonias and hibiscus all over the place.

I purchased a key lime tree and a Meyer lemon tree. These guys are just little planting in 2.5″ pots. I’m hoping they will be big enough in a few years to product real fruit until then I will just enjoy them growing and producing tiny flowers.

Now one of the best moments of the day was getting ice cream for lunch from creamery I got too excited about as we passed by it. Quiet Corner Creamery is actually located in a landscaping supply store. We picked out flavors and asked about sizes. Why do we ask about sizes? We live in Boston where a small is teeny tiny and costs like $3. So the girl helpfully explained that smalls are huge and that would be more than enough. Okay great. Well, she when the total came to $4 we figured they were going to be decent smalls and to see what we get. Holy Hell. We ended up with 3/4 of a pint of ice cream. Of course this is hilarious to us. Emily lobbed off half of her ice cream in the trash while I was getting gas and I mine melted since I was driving. Still the half of a small we had was more than enough. Good ice cream at a cheap price… I sense a trip to the Quiet Corner Creamery on a hot summer day. ha

“Emily! You just threw out 75 cents of ice cream!!!”