Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

The World War II memorial in Boston.

The list of the men and women from Boston who lost their lives during WWII

On Sunday morning Price, his Mom, and I went out in search of the apartment where her grandmother lived. She had the address and remembered being their as a kid so we had to swing by and check it out. Across the street was the part of the Emerald Necklace that had the Memorials for World War II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. It seemed very fitting that we discovered it this weekend.

I hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend and took a moment today to reflect on what Memorial Day is really for.



yep we’ve done it.

I’ll have more to write soon…

still in recovery mode after wearing that lame beret, having a great graduation bash, and getting over the general fact that I now, officially, have time for a real life!!!!

Opening Day at City Hall Farmers’ Market

I love farmer’s markets. Booths packed with fresh breads, pastries, flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and prepared food. I love to wander around all the booths first before selecting where I will shop. Sometimes I go with something in mind, but I try generally to let the freshness and selection lead me to my purchases and ultimately lunch or dinner.

Monday marked the beginning of the City Hall Farmers’ Market. The farmers market runs 11-6 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5.24 to 11.24. I have been going here for years since my office is a minute walk from it. This year’s opening brought out a few regulars and fresh faces.

One of the new booths was from When Pigs Fly Bread. They are a local company that sells their breads at their retail locations, local food stores, and markets like this. They had a fantastic selection of breads on hand. They savory breads looked great but their sweet breads looked amazing. I recently heard how great their chocolate bread is but their Mango, Pineapple, Raisin with Toasted Sesame and Ginger bread caught my eye. Yep, bread name is a mouthful but it seemed interesting because of its combination of fruits and nuts mixed in. While one can argue bread is perfectly fine for lunch I had to skip them, for now, to try something new. They are at the Farmers’ Market on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Another new vendor is Seta’s Mediterranean Foods. This booth called me in since it was the only prepared foods besides pastries farther down. I’m a sucker for Tabouli and Stuffed Grape Leaves but she had other things so I figured I should try something new. I got a salad made of bulgar wheat, tomatoes (paste), onion, and parsley. Bulgar is a favorite of mine because it is a great medium for holding together a salad and has a bit more bite than cous cous. Seta is at several markets this summer so check our her foods.

I was in love with th flowers at the Keown Orchards booth. They were selling fantastic hanging baskets, potted plants, tomato plants, and honey. The flowers were stunning! I think I have a dozen photos of this booth alone. I think my desk needs a calla lily 🙂 Keown Orchards is a pick your own farm so I imagine I’ll be dragging Price out there for apples this fall! Pie anyone??

I had seen Baked Orchard last year at the different farmer’s market. The owner carries a great selection of baked goods,  like macaroons, tea breads, biscuits, and whoopie pies. I only had a dollar left left so I tried a walnut bar. I was explained that the bar is vegan and that it is made with rice milk and agave.  I am not vegan but I like to try vegan items to see how the compare to ‘traditional’ items. I felt that this bar was really good; it had a nice flavor, light texture, and was not bland (which I was expecting since it is vegan). Follow Baked Orchard on twitter while they share their pasties around the city  and MA  for different farmers markets.

I really can’t wait for the weather to get warmer and the number of vendors increase and the fresh produce is available!!

LOST “Party”

It took me a while to get in LOST. I admit that I did not get into the show for a bit. Price would watch it and I could not understand it. “So the hatch made the plane crash? And there is a polar bear? What is that smoke thing? Wait, they never explain it?” Finally I gave in and it became an addiction. We spent too many late nights watching it after Tuesday night classes.

Once we found out the date of the Series Finale we decided there needed to be a LOST Party. Well, not so much a party as having a few people over for dinner and to watch LOST. Either way it was a great way to relax with friends and watch LOST. I even made the 5 of us boarding passes for flight 815. This SITE had great Dharma logos and printables.

So last night we had Natalie, Jason, and their friend Ashley over. Ashley had never seen LOST, so I have a feeling we drove her crazy yelling at the TV. “RICHARD!!!” “LAPIDUS!!!!!!” “Ah I knew it would be Juliet!” But it was great to see her picking up on the story pretty well after watching the recap.

The best were the typical moments like

“So the island moves time and space?”

“Yep, when they turn the wheel.”


 I’m not sure what I think of the finale. I know I am going to watch it again this week. Plus I am going to watch the whole series in order at some point. Last night I was disappointed with it but not that I have thought about it I’m sorta please with the ending. I’m glad that they got reconnected in the end to move on. At least it did not end up with a kid shaking a snowglobe (St Elsewhere.).

Were you a fan of LOST? What did you think of the ending??


Audi Best Buddies Challenge

My friend Jovan is participating in a great charity fundraising event. On June 5th he is bike riding 100 miles from Boston to Hyannis Port (on Cape Cod) with the Audi Best Buddies Challenge. This is an annual fundraising event that raises several million dollars to go towards programs involved in Audi’s Best Buddies. Right now the fundraising is just over 3.8 million dollars for this year’s event.

“I’ll be biking 100 miles from JFK Library to Hyannis Port and wanted to take my love for biking and channel it to better the lives of those who have been less fortunate.  It’s my way of thanking life for giving me the chance to do what I cherish most.  This specific charity is one that addresses the very essential need for people to connect with one another and has sought to involve children with intellectual disabilities who are constantly overlooked by those around them throughout their lives.  They deserve the same affection and care as anyone else and should be given a chance to develop socially instead of live in isolation.  Stimulating anyone to think, to challenge their bodies and mind beyond what others expect or they have been conditioned to expect of themselves can drastically change the outcome of a child’s development.”

I’m proud that my friend has become involved in such a great cause to raise money to help kids. I’m hoping that he reaches his goal and that he has a great time on the ride.

Donating to Best Buddies though Jovan can be done HERE. You can check out how the money is put towards programs and how the organization works HERE.