Audi Best Buddies Challenge

My friend Jovan is participating in a great charity fundraising event. On June 5th he is bike riding 100 miles from Boston to Hyannis Port (on Cape Cod) with the Audi Best Buddies Challenge. This is an annual fundraising event that raises several million dollars to go towards programs involved in Audi’s Best Buddies. Right now the fundraising is just over 3.8 million dollars for this year’s event.

“I’ll be biking 100 miles from JFK Library to Hyannis Port and wanted to take my love for biking and channel it to better the lives of those who have been less fortunate.  It’s my way of thanking life for giving me the chance to do what I cherish most.  This specific charity is one that addresses the very essential need for people to connect with one another and has sought to involve children with intellectual disabilities who are constantly overlooked by those around them throughout their lives.  They deserve the same affection and care as anyone else and should be given a chance to develop socially instead of live in isolation.  Stimulating anyone to think, to challenge their bodies and mind beyond what others expect or they have been conditioned to expect of themselves can drastically change the outcome of a child’s development.”

I’m proud that my friend has become involved in such a great cause to raise money to help kids. I’m hoping that he reaches his goal and that he has a great time on the ride.

Donating to Best Buddies though Jovan can be done HERE. You can check out how the money is put towards programs and how the organization works HERE.


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