June- for Dad’s and Grads

June is a busy month… a month to celebrate Dad’s and Grads, it kicks off summer, and gives you such filling days like Cheese Day, German Chocolate Cake Day and Lobster Day.

June is National Seafood Month, National Rose Month, National Dairy Month, and National GLBT Awareness Month (to name a few)

Lastly, June is National Frozen Yogurt Month….hearing that makes me so happy since it will give me a good excuse to ‘celebrate’ all month long. The weather is warm so it justifies walking to the fro yo place to eat tart yogurt and kiwi for lunch.

June- 1st- Heimlich Maneuver Day

June- 2nd- Love my Dentist Day

June- 3rd- Egg Day

June- 4th- Cheese Day

June- 5th- United Nations World Enviroment Day

June- 6th- National Yo-Yo Day

June- 7th- National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June- 8th- World Ocean Day

June- 9th- Children’s Day

June- 10th- National Iced Tea Day

June- 11th- German Chocolate Cake Day

June- 12th- Magic Day and Peanut Butter Cookie Day

June- 13th- National Juggling Day

June- 14th- Flag Day and Strawberry Shortcake Day

June- 15th- National Lobster Day

June- 16th- National Fudge Day

June- 17th- Stewart’s Root Beer Day

June- 18th- International Picnic Day

June- 19th- Juneteenth

June- 20th- World Refugee Day and Father’s Day (2010)

June- 21st- First Day of Summer

June- 22nd- Stupid Guy Thing Day

June- 23rd- Let it Go Day

June- 24th- World Handshake Day

June- 25th- Take your Dog to Work Day

June- 26th- Great American Backyard Campout Day (2010)

June- 27th- National HIV Testing Day

June- 28th- Paul Bunyan Day

June- 29th- Camera Day

June- 30th- National Ice Cream Soda Day


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