Kicking off Summer

Price and I kicked summer off early by spending our weekend in CT on boats. Memorial Day is the kick off of summer to me, along with just about every boater out there. Which is why I love that my dad and step dad own boats… lots of boating fun.

On Saturday we started the day by going to Bruce Museum in town. I wanted to see an Andy Warhol exhibit they had and Price wanted to check out an exhibit on preditory animals. Pretty cool exhibits for a small museum. Plus it was great that we got to use our Museum of Science Membership since it is in its Reciprocal Admission program.

After the trip to the Museum we went over to my Dad’s boat to see him for Father’s Day and for a ride on Long Island Sound. We started off by going to Cos Cob Harbor to check out the massive houses that are some of my favorites and some new ones to check out.

Our ride continued on down towards New York. On our way down we passed by Playland, which made us discuss their fireworks, New Rochelle, where the boat for my sister’s wedding reception left out of, and several lighthouses that my dad told us about.  We got pretty close to Manhattan Island before turning around after Riker’s Island so we could make it back in time to get some sides for dinner and be on time for Robin, my dad’s girlfriend, who was meeting us for dinner. We had my favorite salad from a place in town and my dad made Tangy Turkey Burgers.

Price and I have a healthy competition that relates to this ring game at the boat club. I have been playing this game since I was a kid. I rock this game. Now, I admit that Price is good at it, even playing it backwards and having it loop back onto itself. But… he can’t get ‘holes in one’ like I can. 🙂


On Sunday we headed up the coast to spend the day in Westbrook, CT, where my stepdad’s boat is located. We took the boat out so we could be anchored while we ate lunch. The jet skiers in the area really enjoyed our trip out to Duck Island. I love watching them jump over the waves. Maybe I’mm try that this year? Ha probably not. I just like to put put around on it.

It is always so surprising how different the temperature is/feels when you get out on the water. While we were at the dock we were baking away but once we were anchored we got to relax since there was a nice breeze out on the water. Even the dogs notice the difference. Pipes cuddled up the Pricer to relax – she has been glued to him since he has been down in CT working. Glued!


It was such a nice weekend. Totally worth getting a bib shaped sunburn from the dress I wore on Saturday. 🙂