do you see it too??

So I would love to post the photos we took on our trip to DC but I will spare you our sweaty gross faces (hello, 2 record hot days!) and just show you these few…

Oh our last day in DC we went to Georgetown. Jessica, food blogger and resident of Georgetown, gave us so many suggestions for places to eat and things to check out while we were in town. One being a restaurant called The Tombs, the bar that inspired St Elmo’s Fire. Well, since I was delirious from the heat I read my map incorrectly so we ended up missing the easy way and going up this insane flight of stairs instead.

Our waiter noticed that we looked a little spent and quickly got us water. We said how the heat was made worse by this long flight of stairs we just took. “Oh the exorcist stairs!” umm escuse me? So he went to tell us about the stairs and how they are in the movie- the part when the priest flew out the window and crashed down a flight of stairs… these stairs. Spooky.

So we went back to take some photos. And this is what we got. Seriously?

of all the photos we get 2 with blurs on them. no other photo has these spots. Price tried to argue it is the sun but I don’t by it since one photo is taken looking up the stairs and the other is taking looking down. I checked to see if the spots lined up in the photos but they don’t. Just weird….