sooo excited and now so tired

Yesterday I woke up earlier than usual so I had enough time to let the rabbits out for a long time. Usually the rabbits are slow in the mornings but Jack decided he was ready to be out and play. Bunny had other plans. While he was trying to get her to play he was jumping on and off the sofa, digging into the sofa pillows, jumping on and over the pillow he knocked on the floor, jumping into and over Bunny, and doing binkies*. After all of this nonstop action he decided he was tired, so he flopped down on the sofa and leaned against a pillow to rest. I just could not resist sharing!

FYI- Binkies are a way that rabbits express they are happy. They will either jump and spin in the air from a complete stand still (what Bunny does) or they will hop around and do them. The video shows you what they look like. This is just some random rabbit, not Jack.


Graduation Part 3: We like to Party!

Last but not least, this is the final installment of my college graduation pictures. We had such a great time having our family and friends over. We had BBQ from Red Bones and have 2 women from Hostess Helper come help to make it all run smoothly. They were great esp when we were about to bring the food out and is started to have a heavy summer shower. They quickly regrouped and we cleared off tables and chowed down on a lot of food inside.

We even had a caricature station set up! I had met Ash Jackson at a party before and loved the work that he does. My nephews loved him and we loved that he was so great for taking the time to whip up dinosaurs and animals for them while getting out caricatures done. I’m going to get our caricature framed this week!!!

A big thank you to our family and friends for all your support and for celebrating with us. And, of course, a big thanks to my mom for organizing such a great party.
(Handmade thank you’s are being sent out ūüôā )

Graduation: BAC Commencement Part 2

Here are the last couple of photos from the Boston Architectural College Commencement from May 29th 2010.

my mom snapped this right after we sat down

in line before going to get my ‘dipolma’

yay we’re done!

I wish that I did not look so bad for these family photos but I was so¬†flushed and my hair was so smashed down. After the last photo and ripped off my gown. I was way too hot. I felt dizzy from the heat and not really eating the ‘breakfast’ school provided. ¬†At least I got a few photos in before having a melt down.
My super prepared mom had a bottle of water that I stole before running to the trolley to returned to school for my diploma.
After that I got to relax for our party with family and friends!!

scrapbooking a mini acrylic album

Here I am again, behind with my scrapbooking. I can’t do the 15 minute daily scrapbooking that people suggest to stay on top of things, pick photos, Photoshop¬†photos, select papers and embellishments, then scrap. I like to 4+ hour blocks of times to get my mind into it and justify the mess that I make pulling everything out… stamps, punches, ink, papers, glue, photos, etc.


Price is gone for the next 2 weeks so I have opened up a folding table in the living room and yanked my stuff out. Ah joy. He is completely justified for being annoyed with the mess I make since I make a massive mess. So I am missing my Pricer but completely enjoying the fact that I don’t have to worry about him¬†tripping over 2 paper organizers, 1 rolling scrapbook organizer, and a scrapbooking tote.


I went to CKC Manchester this year in May and had a blast. I enjoyed the time I classes I took and shopping the vendor faire. Once of the classes I took was for this mini acrylic recipe album.¬† I loved the papers that were selected. I liked the design direction¬†for the book¬†was going but since have the innate need to make something my own I did not follow them, with the exception of the cover. Sometimes this gets me in trouble but for creative projects like this it usually works. I just don’t want everything looking just like everybody else’s.


The plan for the album was to us the acrylic pages as the only pages in the album. Since I wanted more than¬†5 I decided to add more pages to have more recipes and more photos. In addition to¬†the patterned paper provided, I¬†used Stampin’ Up! solid papers to fill in the gaps and added the paper and embellishments to them. I punched them with a scalloped border punch to mimic the scalloping on the album.


I like working with acrylic albums because of the peak you get for what is coming ahead. It can be tricky to coordinate things since both sides of paper and embellishments are seen. I’m careful to pick papers that interesting papers on both sides.¬† Also, when using stickers I try to using simple shapes ones and back to back them so you don’t see the back of one if you position it on the acrylic.¬†


I like the pocket in back because it rises above the acrylic, giving you a peak, and it can hold little mementos. On the back of the pocket I put a journaling sticker. I wrote a message on there and then adhered the whole pocket to the back, allowing the message to be seen through the acrylic.

The colors of the papers and the style of the stickers seemed like it would be best for Thanksgiving. Plus, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite family gathering events that generally revolves around food. I’m looking forward¬†to filling this in with Thanksgiving photos and recipes over the years. I expect this album to continually be a work in progress as I add in photos and new family favorites.

I dig, I dig

I can’t think of anything I would rather do on a Sunday afternoon than dig out weeds for nearly 3 hours. Okay, I can but yesterday was really amazing!!!

A coworker organized an outting for some of us to volunteer at Gaining Ground in Concord Ma. Established in 1994, Gaining Ground is an organic¬†farm, located on the land of Henry David Thoreau’s Birthplace, that donates all of its produce to area food pantries and meal programs. 70% of all the work on the farm is volunteer based, totalling 5,500+ plus hours of man power.

I thought this was an interesting program to volunteer some hours to. Plus I figured I would learned a bit about gardening, which is always a plus. I brought my friend Natalie along with me to take part in some farmin’!

Verena, the Gaining Ground¬†farmer, brought us to an area of the farm that needed some heavy-duty weeding. Our goal was to weed out the quakgrass that was in the plot. I now hate quakgrass. I had no idea what it was before but I hate it now. Here’s why… quakgrass¬†is a hearty¬†perennial¬†grass that can quickly take over your lawn, or in this case, your farm. Verena explained that his land¬†has been farmed for over 300 years and the last farmer here was for rhubarb. Just rhubarb. Acres of it. Sure you can make some great pie with it but not rotating crops is not great for soil, which is why quakgrass took over. Some weeds, like dandelions, have tap roots, but quakgrass¬†has a root¬†structure that resembules¬†a carpet. Ends and ends of roots. You can’t just mow this stuff down since the roots will remain, allowing them to come back again and again. Also, no herbicide or pesticide has been able to tame it. Gaining Ground is organic, so they would not use pesticides, but a home gardening might not understand why this awful grass is standing rough against the sprays. So you just have to use a pitch fork or get on your hands and knees to dig this stuff up.

Why doesn’t Gaining Ground use a machine to do it? They don’t have any large farming equipment. No, they are not crazy. Vernena¬†explained that if it is really necessary¬†they will rent equipment but their goal is to be from equipment like that because of what it does to the ground. She explained what¬†soil really is and how mechanical tilling is hard on soil. It disturbs¬†it which causes the connections between the particulates, microbes, and other¬†matter¬†to break down, which deteriorates¬†the quality of the soil. Doing the work by hand allows volunteers to help and limits how the soil is disrupted.

While digging out the quakgrass we unearthed several frogs. Natalie thought she speared one of these guys with her pitch fork but he was spared. Little hard to spot rock shaped living creatures hiding about 6″ underground!

The weather for the day predicted that storms would roll in the area around 2pm, luckily the rain did not come until 4ish. After we heard some decent thunderous booms we packed it up for a quick tour of the farm. We were brought over to the pig pen. The pigs are being loaned to Gaining Ground from another farm because pigs like poison ivy and Gaining Ground has plenty of it. Sheep also will eat poison ivy, but like quackgrass, the roots need to be removed, which pigs happily do.

Gaining Ground grows¬†several varieties of vegetables, including tomatoes,¬†peas, beans, lettuces,¬†boy chow, potatoes,¬†cucumbers, carrots, etc. The list goes on and on. One of the coolest things they do now is¬†‘make’ maple syrup. They tapped public and some private trees around Concord to draw sap from to make syrup.

The best of the day was when I locked myself out of my apartment and had to introduce myself to my new neighbors hoping to get in through the back door (it was locked also). Really nice to introduce yourself while your legs and clothes are covered in dirt and you smell as nice as the pig above from digging weeds for 3 hours in some crazy humidity. I’m good like that…