Watermelon Sorbet


Price is staying in CT again to work for the next 2 weeks. We miss each other but there are some ‘advantages’ to being alone. Like getting to make the food I like Price does not like- hello fish dinner! While Price is enjoying having an entire bed to himself since I’m a hot sleeper who ‘needs’ lots of blankets, making the bed sauna like.


 Also I get to make the food I really like without having to worry about Pricer eating it. Nothing’s worse than coming home expecting to find leftovers, drinks, 7days croissants, or sorbet but they are all gone. Well there are a lot of things worse but it is disappointing. If I remember, I try to get extra of things just in case or getting him his own so he won’t get mine.


So that leads me to this watermelon sorbet. I previously wrote that I love sorbet when I posted a recipe for Raspberry Sorbet. It’s completely true. I really love sorbet. So when I saw a watermelon at Trader Joes I knew what would be in store for (just) me this week…. Watermelon Sorbet. Just like the raspberry sorbet, this is really easy because it is just a few ingredients and steps. Basically just: 1) cut fruit 2) blend fruit 3) put in ice cream maker. The lime juice adds a slight subtle kick, which helps offset the sweetness from the watermelon and simple syrup.


 Now don’t feel bad for Price since I just explained that I don’t like to share. He knew what he was getting into. Besides, I am looking forward to making ice cream recipes and ice cream is meh to me so that can be all for him.

 Watermelon Sorbet

1 cup of water
1 cup of sugar
approximately a 1/3 of a medium-sized watermelon- yielding approx 3 cups of puree
juice of 2 limes

1) Over medium heat, combine the water and sugar in a small pot. Cook until the sugar has melted. Cool completely!

2) Cut up chunks of watermelon and put into a blender to make a puree. Strain the puree for see bits and larger fibers.

3) When the simple syrup is cool, put into a 4+ cup measuring cup. Add watermelon puree until you reach 4 cups total.*

4) Add the lime juice and mix well.

5) Pour into your ice cream maker and chill according to your manufacturer’s instructions.

*This recipe is for a 1 1/2 quart ice cream maker. This amount works. Please don’t think that some extra watermelon is okay because it will overflow out of your machine!!*