Paint Chips and a Bee

I think this Sherwin Williams commercial is done beautifully. I absolutely love it.

I love the comemrical for how well it is executed. The colors are vibrant. The way the flowers are created is creative. And of course I love the bee in there.

I wish the song was something that you could purchase. Too bad.


50 pounds of tomatoes

I think I have my mojo back. At least I did this weekend. Price and I got up early and went to Haymarket to get tomatoes for sauce and veggies for the buns. I knew I wanted to make a lot of sauce and I wanted it fresh so we went to Haymarket to get a lot of tomatoes. Well a lot is an understatement. I did not feel like getting bags of tomatoes by picking out each tomato, so we went to area where they have a boxes of tomatoes. Well did you know that they are 25 pounds each? I did not, but that did not stop my from swallowing my fear and buying 2 tomato varieties. 25 +25 = 50 pounds!

So we dropped it off and I ended back out to the store to the quart size Ball jars, meat for meatballs, and some other stuff. Once I was back home I started cutting, and cutting, and cutting. It seemed like it was never ending but was relaxing and worth it. My feet were sore by the end of the day from standing at the stove for hours on end but I love that kinda of pain. Like working out at the gym and being sore later on.

Well all of these tomatoes yielded about 22/23 quarts of marinara sauce. Even though I just bought a pot for this I had to use another because we had soo much! I had bought a 20 quart stainless steel pot last weekend and it was put though a very food first test. It passed with flying colors since nothing burned, it held heat evenly, it held heat well, and it was easy to clean. Loved it.

Besides the marinara sauce Price and I made meatballs using 4 pounds of meat (beef and pork), onion, parsley, breadcrumbs, cheese, 5 eggs, crushed red pepper, salt, and pepper. I also used a package of hot and sweet Italian Sausage. Since you can’t put meat into sauce and can it (well maybe you can, I just head you can’t so I am not about to question it) we divided the sauce up for canning and freezing. I froze the meatballs that we will eat with the jarred sauce.

Every time we heard a lid pop we counted down with the # remaining that needed to pop and we would then cheer. I think canning is going to turn into a new addiction. I love how the process, the popping, and how I have all that sauce and I still have room in my freezer. I now have 14 happy quarts sitting in my cabinets.

I’m hoping this productivity carries over into the week since I have scrapbooking to do and clean up and an office to rearrange.


I have been feeling stalled lately. I have lost my motivation for just about anything. Our sofa, the Cos, is my friend. I just spend my nights lounging and watching movies. I try to get motivated but nothing is really grabbing my attention. I tell myself that life would be easier if I just did all the laundry and then actually folded it and put it away instead of leaving it in the dryer/on sofa/in wash baskets. It def would make getting dressed in the morning faster. I tell myself that but I still have not touched the piles that keep getting higher.

It’s those types of things that are falling behind in my life. I have like 6 blog posts started, 8 yelp reviews, a few scrapbooking pages, etc. I have always been a person to start something and not finish it but it has gotten bad this summer. This summer of freedom. The summer of no classes, no portfolios, and no registration. You would think I would love the free time but it is such a weird experience I am having trouble figuring out time management. Saying that is just weird. I have been so good at juggling work, school, homework, and lack of sleep for years that not having that extreme pressure has me completely confused.

The biggest issue is that I am a weekend person. I am a weekend warrior. It is when I catch up on cleaning, laundry, being crafty, shopping, meal prep, etc. With the last few weekends away I have thrown my typical schedule upside down. Dont get me wrong, I love my weekends away but it really wrecks my ‘schedule’.

I’m really hoping that I can regroup this weekend and get out of this rut. So far I have planned…

finish up some blog posts and schedule them to post
finish my yelp drafts and do a few more reviews
3 scrapbooking pages
making marinara sauce (about 18 qts) and canning it
begin the process of purging the office  
finish the cube project

we shall see how everything turns out…

 Happy Friday!!!

Sketchbook 2: Day 6

I always joke that I am the planner and Price is the dreamer. It’s not to say that Price does not plan and I dont dream but most of our conversations are steered that I plan and he dreams. So I say that I am a wisher. My arguement is that my wishes come and go quickly. I wish I had a glass a milk. I wish I had a new pair of boots. I wish I could take a nap. I wish we could move right NOW. Well that last one is not going away until we do. But the point is that I dont invest much time in my wishes. Price is dreaming for a jeep so he spends time online looking at old ones in order to be 100% prepared if the day comes that he can get one. Totally cute.

The layout is based on the Day 6 sketch from the Sketchbook 2 class I have been taking. I focused on the components in the sketch, rahter than where they were. I looked at the qty of things and carried that into my layout.

“I am a planner. I am not a dreamer. But I love to wish. I guess there is no real diffference but I’m a planner so that holds me back somewhat. A dream has investment but my wisher is instants. Just a thought.

My thought when this photo was taken was thatwe could stay in Maine longer. My self portrait captures my relaxing moment under the tree in the yard. I wish I could lay there looking that the wind low the leaves around. In the end I jsut took a little nap on the plaid blanket. Maybe I dreamed in the end…”

Sketchbook 2: Day 5

I was really excited about doing this layout. I loved the sketch from Kelly Purkey’s Sketchbook 2 class. I know it is one that I will refer back to time and time again. While I liked all 3 examples of LO’s, Kelly’s was the one that best related to the photos I really wanted to scrapbook. I used her layout structure to create my layout. I’m so happy that I have completed another scrapbooking page within a week of taking the photos. I just could not resist these pictures that Price took of his nephews.

I loved this paper from Cosmo Cricut. It’s call Fitting In. I told myself to get more than 1 sheet when I bought it but I was (happily) overwhelmed with all the paper in front of me that I forgot. But I have a feeling I will send up getting another sheet or a few. I just see this working inot so many things. The back is really cute too!

Supplies- Cosmo Cricut- Patterned Paper, Sticker; Stamping Up!- Cardstock, rub ons.