Sketchbook 2: Day 6

I always joke that I am the planner and Price is the dreamer. It’s not to say that Price does not plan and I dont dream but most of our conversations are steered that I plan and he dreams. So I say that I am a wisher. My arguement is that my wishes come and go quickly. I wish I had a glass a milk. I wish I had a new pair of boots. I wish I could take a nap. I wish we could move right NOW. Well that last one is not going away until we do. But the point is that I dont invest much time in my wishes. Price is dreaming for a jeep so he spends time online looking at old ones in order to be 100% prepared if the day comes that he can get one. Totally cute.

The layout is based on the Day 6 sketch from the Sketchbook 2 class I have been taking. I focused on the components in the sketch, rahter than where they were. I looked at the qty of things and carried that into my layout.

“I am a planner. I am not a dreamer. But I love to wish. I guess there is no real diffference but I’m a planner so that holds me back somewhat. A dream has investment but my wisher is instants. Just a thought.

My thought when this photo was taken was thatwe could stay in Maine longer. My self portrait captures my relaxing moment under the tree in the yard. I wish I could lay there looking that the wind low the leaves around. In the end I jsut took a little nap on the plaid blanket. Maybe I dreamed in the end…”