I have been feeling stalled lately. I have lost my motivation for just about anything. Our sofa, the Cos, is my friend. I just spend my nights lounging and watching movies. I try to get motivated but nothing is really grabbing my attention. I tell myself that life would be easier if I just did all the laundry and then actually folded it and put it away instead of leaving it in the dryer/on sofa/in wash baskets. It def would make getting dressed in the morning faster. I tell myself that but I still have not touched the piles that keep getting higher.

It’s those types of things that are falling behind in my life. I have like 6 blog posts started, 8 yelp reviews, a few scrapbooking pages, etc. I have always been a person to start something and not finish it but it has gotten bad this summer. This summer of freedom. The summer of no classes, no portfolios, and no registration. You would think I would love the free time but it is such a weird experience I am having trouble figuring out time management. Saying that is just weird. I have been so good at juggling work, school, homework, and lack of sleep for years that not having that extreme pressure has me completely confused.

The biggest issue is that I am a weekend person. I am a weekend warrior. It is when I catch up on cleaning, laundry, being crafty, shopping, meal prep, etc. With the last few weekends away I have thrown my typical schedule upside down. Dont get me wrong, I love my weekends away but it really wrecks my ‘schedule’.

I’m really hoping that I can regroup this weekend and get out of this rut. So far I have planned…

finish up some blog posts and schedule them to post
finish my yelp drafts and do a few more reviews
3 scrapbooking pages
making marinara sauce (about 18 qts) and canning it
begin the process of purging the office  
finish the cube project

we shall see how everything turns out…

 Happy Friday!!!