Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad’s 70th Birthday.

My brother, Me, and our Dad

Last night we had a little party for him at the boat club. I love to cook so I took on the responsibility of the dinner for the 10 11 of us. I planned grilled chicken with roasted veggies and a salad. Robin, my dad’s girlfriend, brought the appetizer- muscles and garlic bread. I also made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. He told me her had a slice for breakfast today. I think that is a perfect start to any day, let alone your birthday.

It was nice to be able to make something for everyone to enjoy, even though I had to do 3 trips to the food store that day. (sigh) It all came together and we had a great time.

Happy Birthday Dad.


Maine Snapshops

Here is a quick little photo run down from our past weekend in Sunshine Maine.

Escaping Boston

Braedan at the point

Getting lobsters for lunch at Conary Cove

“Tickle me!!!”

Happy (almost) 90th birthday!

Lilly at Ames Pond. Price as a good sport and held on to me while I leaned over the edge for this pic

Relaxing on the porch

It seems like everything slows down once we are on Deer Isle. It is the place where I can walk around a pond within 30 seconds of thinking about it. Where I can see stars… a sky full of them. Where the milky way is not a candy bar but something I can actually see! Just walk by a bush and I can pick a blackberry. The salt air makes me feel refreshed and tired at the same time. It’s the place where we walk on to a dock to get lobsters. I love that the plan for the morning is to get jam (hot pepper jelly to be exact) and the plan for the afternoon is to drink, read, and nap.

Can’t wait until we are back there next!!!

Sketchbook 2: Day 4

Here is an example of why you should stop scrapbooking when you are tired.

I should have stopped when I started to loose focus. I was watching Extract (really funny movie) and wanted to finish the LO last night instead of wrapping it up in the morning. I only had the title left to do at 11.30, so I figured it was mangable and I would just finish it. I should have stopped then! I cut out the title using the cricut. I laid it on the page and it felt flat. I should have recut it with a darker paper (maybe a light grey?) but no I decided to make it ‘pop’ with some spray. Once I glued it down I hated it. So I just messed around with it more by accenting some of the title text with a black pen. At least that helped some of the 10’s stand out. I’ll probably go back and cover it to put a new title on there.

Lesson learned.

So Very Happy- LO

In just a few short hours Pricer and I are leaving Boston to head up to Maine. We are going to a teeny tiny town called… ready… SUNSHINE!!! No Joke. Guess what the main road through there is? SUNSHINE ROAD! I’m absolutely giddy about our long weekend there. We are getting to hang out with Price’s family, which means getting to see the little guy who is the star of this layout. These pictures of Addison, one of Pricer’s nephews, are about 2 years old now. Can’t beleive how fast times flies!! And how slow I am at scrapbooking. Ouch!

While Price and I were camping in NH 2 summers ago we met up with his family. I love how Addison is just so happy. He was so proud of himself for crawling on the rock. I love the picture of him nuzzling up to Chase. Totally love for his Dad.

Canning Adventures

Every now and then Emily and I have these adventures where crazy hijinx occur. Such past adventures include our day at the Brimfield Antiques fair, our trips to the Quite Corner, and our day visiting the cape. With the summer winding down and the start of school fast approaching for Em we decided we needed one of these adventures. Well instead of going somewhere we decided to say local, very local in fact…. my kitchen. We decided would would make jam and can it!!!!!

Last Christmas I got a pressure canner and a canning accessories kit (thx amazon wishlist and Mom!)  Since then I bought 2 books on preserving home made food, starting to hunt down some canning blogs, and follow people on twitter. So with the equipment, some ‘knowledge’, and a desire we set out to make jam and can it.

Hijinx did ensure. We ended up with plenty of burns from hot jam and steam, a sticky floor, well used aprons, and got to prove that my smoke dectors do in fact work ( I already new that the one in the kitchen worked but sure enough, the one in the living room does too!). Luckily Price and his friend Chris were out getting us more jars when the apartment filled with grey smoke. Of course, Price knew when he called with a question that from our laughing and hint to ‘take your time’ that something was up. Price sums it up best… we are bad news. Yes, but we love it 🙂

So we ended up with 26 jars of 3 types of jam. Everytime a jar popped we would squeel, jump, or give each other high fives. eek! We have not cracked open any of them. I’ll describe them when I post recipes next week.

Enjoy our video…. be sure to leave some jam or general canning suggestions. I’m going to do another round of canning at the end of August!