Sketchbook 2: Day 3

Price is such a good sport. I bugged him 2 nights in a row about this simple layout. I started it late on Monday night because I just had to get it going then. So when he we  he was ready to get to bed I called him back to show him my work-in-progress layout. Poor tired Pricer is trying to get to bed early (to be at work at 6) and I want to stay up all night scrapbooking. And then I started working on it again on Tuesday night and had him checking it out again when he just wanted to drink a beer in peace. He is such a good sport about it considering my scrapbooking table and storage unit ended up taking over the office and now there is a table in the dining area. At this point he has as many rounds of golf and cigar smoking owed to him.

Anyway… I am absolutely loving this Sketchbook 2 class!!! It is helping me stay current with my scrapbooking. Like having 3 weekly assignments. I’m going to fall a bit behind since we are going to spend this upcoming weekend in Maine but I’m okay with it. Our long weekend in Maine will result in lots of photos and ultimately more scrapbooking! So I took this picture on the 30th when my mom came up to Boston for a weekend visit. We had a fantastic time shopping in the North End and in Coolidge Corner, going out for dinner at Euno in the North End, having a grilled dinner in the backyard, 2 trips to Haymarket, making smoothies, and another great meal at Bouchee. We were basically go, go, go so these are the best pictures from that weekend. This was such a fantastic meal and time I just had to document it.

I enjoyed playing with this sketch a lot. The sketch had spots for 2 photos and 2 small circles (focal points) Instead of just 2 photos I used 5, but I reduced the size of 4 of them to fit into a 4×6, mimicking the 2 photo look. Also I did not use 2 circles in the layout. I still wanted to use a circle but I made it 1 larger one. Instead of treating the 2 circles as just 2 circles I used their spots as focal points, which allowed me to put my text embellishments there.


Sketchbook 2: Day 2

Day 2 of the Sketchbook Class from Kelly Purkey and Studio Calico brought along another great sketch. I loved this sketch! It was fun to do this layout out. Esp since Emily was over (we watched the Informant!) and we went through a lot of my papers to pick out what to use for this paper and just discuss my addiction. Piles of blue and green solids were pulled out, as well as patterned papers as well.

I might redo the title for this. Still not decided. Or I might add something to it. Always a work in progress.

Sketchbook 2- Day One

I took an online scrapbooking class earlier this year from Kelly Purkey. Her blog is a daily stop for me 1) she does amazing work 2) she travels all over and I have wanderlust! So I (jealously) enjoy all the photos she posts of her adventures traveling. Well I loved her first class so when she offered another class I decided to sign up. The big difference was that I commited to myself that I woud stay on top of the ‘assignments’. And so far so good, I’m just slow to post them on the blog.

So the premise of the class is that there is a layout sketch that she and 2 other Studio Calico design members base their own layouts on. This is a way of getting 12 new sketches with 36 layouts to be inspired from. Everyone participating is really talented. Plus I love getting to learn about other scrapbooker’s blogs this way too.

I really enjoyed the first sketch because once I saw it I knew what photos I would use for it. There, instantly, I knew. In June Price and I went to DC for little vacation. It was so much fun. We have always clicked but it always comes through when we are on vacation. Well, this had to have been the hottest times to go in June. So when it is 100 and feels like 105 you try to go inside as much a possible, one such place was a cupcake/yogurt place. 2 of my favorite things ever!!!

Why I love dishwashers

After growing up with a dishwasher, living in 2 apartments without one, and having one again with my last 2 I have come to the conclusion that I can never ever have a place without one. Otherwise I would never really cook again or just use paper plates and plastic cutlery. The thing is the I hate to wash dishes. Yeah I know, cry baby but I hate it. If I absolutely have to I will do the handwash stuff (vintage classes, ice cream maker bowl, and cutting boards), but I generally try to leave that stuff for pricer to do.


and this mess is just from making smoothies, zucchini bread/muffins and honey butter. luckily it only took 30 minutes to unload the dishwasher, reload it with all this crap, dump the kitchen towels in the washer, wipe down the counter and hand wash the cutting boards. w00t!

August- Kinda fun?

I actually had a really hard time finding funny/weird/wacky holidays for the month of August. Maybe it’s because it’s mid summer and everyone just got tired at this point and gave up with funny things to do. I can sorta relate. I would rather enjoy the hot days and cool drinks than come up with creative ways of celebrating the obscure.  But low and behold there are a few wacky and weird things and I picked the best of the best to share.

August 1st- Respect for Parents Day

August 2nd- Ice Cream Sandwich Day

August 3rd- Watermelon Day… make some Watermelon Sorbet!

August 4th- US Coast Guard Day

August 5th- International Beer Day

August 6th- Wiggle Your Toes Day

August 7th- National Lighthouse Day

August 8th- Sneak Some Zucchini onto your Neighbor’s Porch Day

August 9th- Book Lovers’ Day

August 10th- S’mores Day

August 11th- Presidential Joke Day

August 12th- Vinyl Record Day

August 13th- National Filet Mignon Day

August 14th- National Creamsicle Day

August 15th- Relaxation Day

August 16th- National Rum Day

August 17th- National Thrift Store Day

August 18th- Bad Poetry Day

August 19th- National Aviation Day

August 20th- Lemonade Day

August 21st- Senior Citizen’s Day

August 22nd- National Tooth Fairy Day

August 23rd- National Sponge Cake Day

Peach Melba Pie

August 24th- National Peach Pie Day

August 25th- Kiss and Make Up Day

August 26th- Women’s Equality Day

August 27th- Banana Lover’s Day

August 28th- National Cherry Turnover Day


August 29th- Whiskey Sour Day

August 30th- National Marshmallow Toasting Day

August 31st- National Trail Mix Day