Mixed Berry Jam

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Canning Adventure that Emily and I had. Fruit was smashed, pounds of sugar was used, some lots of wine was consumed, and jam was made. Oh, how can I forget about that small kitchen fire? That alone is why Price tends to run away when the 2 of us are together. 

This was a major refresher in math skills. The original recipe called for 1 single fruit in quarts. Well we had to make it difficult by using 2 fruits in various containers. This involved looking for conversion tables online as well as harassing Price and his friend Chris for confirmation that we did it correction. Conclusion… “math is hard”

Prior to canning, I got 2 books that I found really helpful. We used Better Home and Garden’s You Can Can for this first canning adventure. It is a step-by-step book that really breaks down the canning and preserving process using photographs, tables, and clear instrcutions. I REALLY suggest this book for first time canners because it explains the process and the reasoning behind various things. For example, when to use boiling-water canning vs pressure canning. Hint: it has to do with the pH level of the food. This book, and the wine we consumed, made canning really fun.

Not to toot our horns too loudly, but this jam was pretty damn amazing. The texture was even with crushed fruit, while still having some rather large pieces of blackberries. Getting a spoonful with a large blackberry in there to spread over some toast was amazing. The combination of fruit works really well together- raspberries add a bit of a tangy bit that holds itself against the rich blackberry, which the blueberries mellow that flavor out a bit. It is a rather sweet jam so you could cut that with a bit of lemon juice (2 tablespoons added to the fruit prior to processing).

Mixed Berry Jam

Prep Time: 35 Minutes Process: 5 Minutes Makes: 8/9 Half Pint Jars

1 pint of blueberries
3 6oz packages of raspberries
3 6oz packages of blackberries
7 cups of sugar
1 1.75 packet of pectin

Wash and clean all fruit.

Combine the blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. In a LARGE pot, add 1 cup at a time, smash* the fruit together. Continue until all fruit is smashed. Stir in the pectin.

Heat over a High heat, stir constantly, until the mixture is at a rolling boil. Add the sugar all at once. Return to a rolling boil; boil for 1 minute, stir constantly. Remove from heat and skim off foam with a metal spoon.

Immediately ladle jam into hot, sterlized janning cars. Leave 1/4″ inch headspace. Wipe jar rims, place lid on jar and screw on bands (so they are secure but not too tight).

Process jars using the boiling-water method for 5 minutes (start timing when the water returns to a boil). Remove jars and cool on a wire rack, just not directly on your counter.

*A potato masher works well. Or improvise, like we did.


Wool Day At Canterbury Shaker Village

After Price went on his Ride-Along we went to Canterbury Shaker Village. Every time we pass by the exit for it I make a huge fuss about going. I was able to sway Price into going by explaining it was Wool Day there and it would be the perfect chance to see alpacas, angoras, sheep and goats. Price was just as excited as me when I told me that. Clearly, I am being sarcastic, but he went along with it anyway. And I’m going to safely assume that he enjoyed himself while we walked around the different Shaker buildings learning about their broom making and how they wove poplar to make tiny boxes.

Plus then we saw…

ALPACAS!!! (’nuff said)

This guy was too tired to stand up for us.

These 3 ladies were knitting in the round. There were 3 circle needles and they each had an end of one. They had a raffle for the poncho. I’m hoping I get lucky with my 4 tickets!!

We talked with the guy who owns Work in Progress Farm. He was really nice explaining that the horns keep the goats cool and his one female goat gives off 7 pounds of wool 2x a year. We got to pet Thor. He had amazing soft ears.

I tried on this beautiful felted hat from Scattered Stone Goods. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering this for the winter.

After checking out all vendors and the big tent we relaxed in some Adirondack chairs under an apple tree. We admired the views and the embroidery hoops I got.

We finished off the trip to Canterbury Shaker Village by going to Greenwood’s, the onsite restaurant, for lunch. Fantastic food.

Let’s GO Racin’ Boys!!!

Earlier this year we discovered you could go for a ride in a NASCAR race car and immediately decided that this was something that had to be done. So my Dad got Price a gift card at graduation to do it. I decide that while it would be fun this could be Price’s thing to do and let him have all the fun while I got to take pictures. Plus I might have freaked a little, ha.

The Ride-Along Experiences are offered by Richard Petty Driving Experience. The ‘crew’ travels to different tracks on off racing weekends. In this case we went to New Hampshire International Speedway, and the NASCAR race occurred the week before (Clint Bowyer won). I had called ahead to find out the details about signing up for a ride-along. They told me it was first come first serve starting at 9:30am. Based on that we decided to leave Boston at 7am so we would get in line first. Low and behold, there was no line since they started early!!! As soon as Price signed up he got to go on his ride along.

At first he got suited up in a protective gear, then got a head sock on, then a helmet. They told him how to get in the car, which Price said was pretty easy. The crew woman put on a HANS device, hooked him in, and then up the the safety net. Price said the car has sooo much horse power that it makes your stomach feel like it’s sinking. It’s really hard to tell how fast you are going since there is no speedometer and everything was just whizzing by. He can’t imagine that the guys go even faster than what he did, and they do it with 42 other cars around them. He had a great time and did not want it to stop at the 3rd lap.

After the ride along, we hung around to watch the guys who signed up to drive the cars themselves. Then we went to Canterbury Shaker Village, which I will post about tomorrow, and spent the night camping. It was a great weekend 🙂

I got him a DVD of his Ride-Along, which will be arriving in 4-6 weeks. Stay tuned…

Happy Birthday Price (recap)

Yesterday was Price’s 28th birthday!

My original plan was to try to leave really early so we could see The Town at the 2pm show. Well things did not work out but I think it was for the best…So Price went on a job interview in the morning and GOT THE JOB!!!! So we had to celebrate his birthday and a new job in the same day! So off to dinner we went…

I met Price at the bar at Fugakyu, a local sushi place. It’s pretty cute that he picked this place weeks ago because when I got my current job 4 years ago he took me out there to celebrate. We ended up getting drinks and recapping the day at the bar.

I first started with a Cocoa Cobana drink and then saw the bartender makinga Lychee Martini so I went with that, and another, and then another.

We started with Edamame and Shrimp Tempura. Normally we stick to just edamame  but I skipped lunch and we hardly ever come to Fugakyu since it’s a little more pricery than other places so we figured we might as well go all out for so much celebrating.

We shared a Pine-tato Roll (Fried sweet potato & grilled pineapple) to try something new. And Price got his usual Tekka Maki and Crazy Maki (Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo, scallion & eel sauce).

I got a Philadelphia Roll (Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber & scallion) which is kinda a big deal since I don’t like Salmon. At all. But I figured I should try something new since I didn’t like tomatoes or avocados a few years ago and now I love both of them. In the end I liked it but I probably won’t order again for awhile. But I also got a Jalapeño Tuna Maki (Tuna, jalapeno pepper, onion, avocado, pickled daikon radish & black sesame). That might be a new favorite.

We had such a great time cracking up at jokes, discussing the new waiter (he did a good job), talking about first day of fall and the full moon (first time since ’91), and everything in between.

Since I didn’t make a cake we went to Finale to get a little something. Which I think worked out fine since we were sooooo stuffed from sushi. But Price did pick out a cake and I am going to make it on Monday as a New Job Cake.

Love you Pricer!!!