Weekend Recap

I would have to say this weekend was a sucess. I had a great time with pricer before he left for another week. Plus I got do a bunch of fun things.

Starting with Friday night… We originally talked about going to see The American but the movie times didn’t work for is since we planned on making calzones for dinner. (I got up early on Friday morning to make the dough. It was the first time ever and I’ll be doing it again and again now. I could see the difference from the store bought kinds.) So we stayed in to have calzones and watch Date Night. I cracked up throughout the whole movie.

Then we took a walk into Coolidge Corner for frozen yogurt. I got my usual, mango/plain swirl with blackberries, kiwi, starwberries, but this time I got some mango too. Price got banana/chocolate swirl with some chocolate toppings.

On Saturday morning I went to Brimfield with Emily. This was our second time so we knew what to look out for, and yet this were things that still shocked us. I went to get a brouch for Halloween, Pyrex, and blue ball jars. It was a successful trip there!


I took a nap before Price and I met a new BAC masters student for dinner to give him some pointers on surviving that school, like who are the important people to know, time management, and who are the people you’ll see by the BAC, like Louie.

Price and I watched NASCAR when we got home.

Sunday was much more relaxed with ‘sleeping in’ until 9:30, reading the paper and watching the news and food network. We then headed out to try a sandwich place before seeing the noon showing of The American. Both the sandwich place and the movie were great.


Then a trip to Home Depot and Target, a nap, and Price was gone again. 😦