Happy Birthday Price (recap)

Yesterday was Price’s 28th birthday!

My original plan was to try to leave really early so we could see The Town at the 2pm show. Well things did not work out but I think it was for the best…So Price went on a job interview in the morning and GOT THE JOB!!!! So we had to celebrate his birthday and a new job in the same day! So off to dinner we went…

I met Price at the bar at Fugakyu, a local sushi place. It’s pretty cute that he picked this place weeks ago because when I got my current job 4 years ago he took me out there to celebrate. We ended up getting drinks and recapping the day at the bar.

I first started with a Cocoa Cobana drink and then saw the bartender makinga Lychee Martini so I went with that, and another, and then another.

We started with Edamame and Shrimp Tempura. Normally we stick to just edamame  but I skipped lunch and we hardly ever come to Fugakyu since it’s a little more pricery than other places so we figured we might as well go all out for so much celebrating.

We shared a Pine-tato Roll (Fried sweet potato & grilled pineapple) to try something new. And Price got his usual Tekka Maki and Crazy Maki (Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo, scallion & eel sauce).

I got a Philadelphia Roll (Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber & scallion) which is kinda a big deal since I don’t like Salmon. At all. But I figured I should try something new since I didn’t like tomatoes or avocados a few years ago and now I love both of them. In the end I liked it but I probably won’t order again for awhile. But I also got a Jalapeño Tuna Maki (Tuna, jalapeno pepper, onion, avocado, pickled daikon radish & black sesame). That might be a new favorite.

We had such a great time cracking up at jokes, discussing the new waiter (he did a good job), talking about first day of fall and the full moon (first time since ’91), and everything in between.

Since I didn’t make a cake we went to Finale to get a little something. Which I think worked out fine since we were sooooo stuffed from sushi. But Price did pick out a cake and I am going to make it on Monday as a New Job Cake.

Love you Pricer!!!


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