Mini Book: Weekend Escape

I recently took an online workshop about mini books from Amy Tangerine. I was so glad that she offered this class because I was so interested in her style of scrapbooking. Most of her scrapbooks are these minis that she creates, often by sewing the book together. While the class taught how to make these books, I decided to get the class kit anyway. The kit included a sewn mini book and embellishments for it.  Sweet!

During the class I made another book, well 2 that I combined. I’m using that as a gift later on, so more on that when the time comes. I used the provided kit, with some additional embellishments, for this past weekend Price and I spent in upstate NY. We went to visit family and going to wineries- this was the perfect opportunity to use this book because of the size. Additionally, Amy taught about her process in packing and preparing for scrapbooking on the go. She makes herself a kit that allows her to scrap, even on planes!

The most exciting thing about this is that I am done with my mini book. That is really record timing for me. Very impressive considering I only worked on it for a a bit over the weekend and at random points during the week. Pretty cool considering how hectic my week was with staying late, going in early, creating my Halloween costume, and a crocheting class. I do look forward to the point when I get it done even fast. Still very excited it’s done within a week since I still have not finished my DC book from our June trip. I’d say that this trip mini book experience has been a great success. 🙂

It was the first time that I scrapbooked on the go as well. My kit was much, much larger than Amy’s example but it’s a start. On Saturday night I sat down and started to map out and journal some pages. I’m a big planner so I realized that my future kits will need post it’s in it to block out picture locations, until I have them printing.

Aside from the ‘scrapbooking-on-the-go’, I enjoyed this class because it made me try new things. Typically, I don’t include souvenirs or write so much, but this class featured that scrapbooking style. I felt ‘safe’ doing those things in a mini book since it is a bit more whimsical compared to my 12×12 pages. This approach was really nice because I was able to toss in bits and pieces from the different wineries we went to. Even the sticker from the bakery I went to went into the book.

Overall I enjoyed the techniques I learned during this class. One of the big things is that I will sew text and embellishments into layouts and books in the future. I love the look and the process of it. I can also hand sew some mini books in the future.  Time to experiment and do some more scrapbooking!!!