Pat’s or Geno’s? LO- Studio Calico 12/19 Sunday Sketch


Whenever I feel bad about how far behind I am with scrapbooking the latest and greatest events I remind myself that I have done more scrapbooking in the time I have been out of school than all the years (6) that I was in school. So I will do the Studio Calico Sunday Sketches whenever I have the time, I can’t beat myself up that I am like 3 weeks behind. But, damn it, I will catch up one day! ha

This layout is about my first Philly cheese steak in Philly while I was visiting my friend Dawn. I used the orangy patterned paper because it matched the tile on the wall and the french fry container. Then I used some Sassafras stickers and some washi tape to embellish the page.