Strumpets Crumpets’ Valentines Swap

I hope you enjoyed Valentines Day. Price and I relaxed at home with some cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, and some wine. This was the first year since we have been together that we did not have classes or homework to compete with so we took it easy and just enjoyed the opportunity to savor the night together, without the collegiate pressure. Next year I am stepping up the game and we will make a bigger deal about it, but without those cheesy hallmark card moments. yak!


So the real reason for the post… my craft for the Strumpet’s Crumpet’s Valentines Swap!

I enjoyed the Strumpets Crumpets Ornament Swap so much that I signed up to the Valentines Swap as well. I loved getting to meet my previous partner Erin and I loved the ones she made me sooo much. I made her a mini crapbook ornament using some of her 2010 photos posted on flickr. I actually forgot to take a pic of it before shipping it on its way. But that made me even more aware of taking photos of my Valentines Swap before packing it up.

This time I was partnered with Kym. We emailed each other with some information about each of us.  With that knowledge about her and some crafty supplies I got to work on a yarn wrapped wreath that was adorned with some paper flowers. I created this to symbolize the family that she is a part of.

The 2 largest flowers are for her and her partner

The 3 smaller flower are for her kids.

The 5 heart shaped leaves are for their pets.

In the end it took a bit more spring like theme instead of Valentines Day…oops! I just fell in love with the papers (Stampin’ Up!) and had to use them. At least this way the wreath can hang around a bit longer than Feb 14th. 🙂

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