26 in 26 Mini Book- Progress #1

My 25 in 25 list fell flat on it’s face last year. I debated doing a 26 in 26 list this year because of how rough it had started. Thankfully I decided that it would be fun and I would enjoy the challenge in getting all those things done, as well as documenting those accomplishments/milestones.

I decided that a mini book would be best for this process. When I did my 25 in 25 I documented my items all on a 2page LO in my yearly scrapbook. It is great to look at that page to see my goals, but I didn’t have anything to go along with checking them off and documenting meeting my goals. So my mini book idea was born.

The concept behind the book was to have my list of 26 items so I could track my progress, as well as a place to put the photos documenting the things I accomplished. But how oh how would I do this in the book? A list in the very beginning and then the rest of the pages would get filled in? No, that did not seem right. It made the list seem disconnected from the items, as well as repeative since I would clearly need to rewrite my thing with the photo.

So my book was developed to have each item to have a L page and a R page. The goal would be listed at the top of the L page. This would leave the remaining portion of that page for my journaling and the whole R page for photos. I understand that there will be times I will want to change things up if I have more journaling/photos but it’s working for now.

I’m hoping that I really make a better go at accomplishing this list of 26 items than last years 25 things. I will periodically post about my progress of the list, as well as how my book is coming together.


3.25-27: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Was I This Weekend?

Friday Night-

on our way home from work Price and I stopped for Lottery Tickets

Our friends Natalie and Jason came over for dinner- together we made sangria, grilled veggies, sauteed mushrooms, grilled chicken, rice pasta with fresh pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, and enjoyed the chic pea salad they brought over

made a double batch of cookies

watched Who Do You Think You Are?, which prompted us to start to look up our families on Ancestry.com


Headed down to Haymarket by 7am to get fresh fruits and veggies for the baby shower and the week ahead

Back home to prep for the baby shower- made fruit salad, cupcakes, unload/reload dishwasher, set up a mocktails table, etc

Baby shower from 1-4ish

Laundry, unload/reload dishwasher, and overall clean up from Baby shower while Price was with his friend Cooper who came to stay the night,

scrapbooked while watching SATC marathon

Briefly caught up with Cooper when they got back before going to bed


slept in (!) until 9.30 🙂

called my mom and talked for 1+hour, I’m now going to go down to CT next weekend


went through the paper and cut coupons

removed fake nails, repainted with a light shimmer

Met Emily at the Prudential Mall/Copley Place for some shopping  at William Sonoma, Game Stop, Banana Republic, and Jcrew and dinner at 5 Napkin Burger (Price gave me a ride there :-))

Back home to prep for the week, meal plan and organize coupons

Trip to the food store- some guy had a seizure while we were there and we helped him until the paramedics arrived, scary since he was turning blue at first but he ended up being okay

Unload dishwasher, reload dishwasher while unpacking groceries

Time to veg until 12am Studio Calico shops open for some midnight shopping 🙂

During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a segment called How Martha Were You? every Monday morning where you recap your weekend’s activities.

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Happy Birthday Jason LO- Studio Calico 10/17 Sunday Sketch


Okay, so don’t judge so much… This Studio Calico Sunday Sketch is from October. Aye Aye aye! Well, here it is anyway. 🙂 I did a lot of flipping and flopping when it came to this sketch because I wanted different photos to hold more importance than others, also I wanted the page to feel balanced. I really enjoyed getting to work with photos from our friend Jason’s recent birthday. I have been trying to keep up with my layouts, just maybe not the sketches 😛

I have to admit that since I have been ‘forced’ to use Tickers (alphabet sticker sets) since subscribing to Studio Calico kits, that I have been enjoying them. Alphabet stickers are still not my favorite things because I always run out of the letters I need and I end up with so many damn J, K, Q, X Y, Z, etc left behind. For a long time I only used my Cricut for my tiles so I could get the exact letter, size, paper/ color that I wanted. I now have been embracing the different brands of alphabet stickers, while still going back to my Cricut for some titles.

Supplies (off the top of my head): Cosmo Cricket Pattered paper, American Crafts Thickers, Stampin’ Up Solid Paper, Studio Calico Solid Paper, October Afternoon Shape Stickers

3.18-21: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Was I This Weekend?

The weekend revolved around having Price’s brother and sister in town. We got to hang out with them on Friday afternoon and Saturday night. Sunday was relaxing and fun because I got to go to cookie swap with some other Boston Food Bloggers.


took a half day at work!

Met Price for lunch at B Good for a veggie burger

Price’s brother and his family arrived in Boston and went to New England Aquarium, we met them there. We all took the boys around to see the fish, turtles, penguins, seals, and octopus.

Headed back to the hotel, helped them get set up in the room. They then went swimming while we took pictures.

While they were drying off and getting ready to go out, Price and I walked to Trader Joe’s for snacks to bring for dinner and then we went to get some Gluten Free beer for me at Coolidge Corner Wine and Spirits.

We all headed over to their friend Mark’s. the 3 kids under 4 played well while we all caught up over enchiladas that Mark made.

Price and I walked home from the hotel after they went back for the night


Saturday morning cleaning- dishes, 3 loads of laundry, vacuumed, wiped down surfaces the kids could get their hands on.

Baby proofed apartment (all my scrapbooking stuff had to be moved!)

Painted my toe nails- bright red!!

Everyone (5 adults, 3 kids) came over to hang out and have dinner

Went with a walk with Addison to get Chinese food

Had dinner, played with kids and then crashed when they left. ha


Leisurely morning

Talked to my mom for hour+

Made dozens of cream cheese spirals for cookie swap

1-4:30pm cookie swap organized by Kathy with Megan and Amanda. We played Bananagrams… I am hooked!

Back home and did dishes from the cookies I made

Watched DVR’d NASCAR race with Price

Took a nap 🙂

Left over Chinese food for dinner.

Thought it would be funny to put on fake nails. It is not.

Planned on making roasted chickens to have chicken salad for lunch… FAIL. the 2 whole frozen chickens were bad. So no chicken salad and the apartment smelled like death. yak.