In the know, according to Brian Poe

Last Tuesday I took a cooking class at Boston Center for Adult Education called “The Dishes You Need to Know with Chef Brian Poe”. I wanted to take this class because Brian was teaching it but also because it focused on learning  how to approached several dishes with just a few ingredients. This taught us how to be creative with a few things and see how they can be used in multiple ways.

oranges made an appearance in salsa, as well as sangria

one of the main components in the dishes being prepared was duck. We put basil, hydrated chipotle pepper, lime juice and a slice of orange on it. This was my first time working with duck, in fact I had not patten it much before this.

Brian working on a red wine sauce.

Hello sangria! (glass #1)

Vinaigrette | duck

Under cress

Plating the first course

First Course- duck with israeli cous cous that was tossed with some vinaigrette served under cress

making tacos | the class

Taco course- duck taco with undergress, salsa, and queso fresco. I charred the tortillas over a gas burner.

Sangria glass #2 and #3… I ended up having 4 that night. Gotta love Tuesdays!

Main course- Duck served with a cous cous risotto, salsa, and red wine sauce

Dessert course- dessert nachos… a play on nachos that was made with totillas that were fried in duck fat (previously done at The Rattlesnake) and coated in cinnamon and sugar. Tortila chips were served with a “rice” pudding that was made with cous cous and topped with salsa.