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Eeeeeek Teeny Tiny Bunny

I have jsut started the tweets for House Rabbit Network (@rabbitnetwork). I’m really excited about volunteering with HRN this way since I could not longer manage the duties invovled with the hotline. This allows my schedule to be flexible, so … Continue reading

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Mystery Meet #10: Tres Gatos

I have no idea how I did not guess this location for Mystery Meet sooner. The 5 clues were dead on. I didn’t get it until I had talked to Meesh and Jackie of Just Add Cheese, organizers for MM#10 , and worked … Continue reading

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Birthday Sweets LO- Sketchbook 3 Day 2 Sketch

CKC Manchester 2011 is coming up this Friday. I’m really, really excited about taking the day off and going!! I went last year and had a great time. Three of us went had a great time taking classes and shopping. … Continue reading

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4.22-24: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You? Friday Night- Opting out of going to Wine Riot for my free session, we went home to relax Price made dinner while I blogged We watched the first DVD of Gone with the Wind Saturday- Woke … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

So I had a whole blog post written up about Easter, what it means to me, it’s origins, how I was happy I was not bribed to go to church, how I spent the day, rabbits, how i think someone … Continue reading

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