How To: Cheeseburger Cake

Use these Things:

1 8-inch brownie layer (burger)

1 8- inch yellow cake layer (base bun)

1 8-inch top yellow cake layer with sliced almonds laid on top prior to baking (top bun w/ sesame seeds)

1 16-oz tub of white frosting (do not use extra whipped) or use homemade

8-oz of white fondant

yellow, green, and red icing colors (do not use normal food coloring)

2 icing bags/sandwich bags for piping

Follow these Steps:

prepare cakes

divide frosting in 3 (40%/40%/30%)

put the 30% portion of frosting on base layer

stack brownies layer on top

divide fondant in 2 portions (60%/40%)

kneed fondant sections until playable, add yellow icing color to 60%, add green to rest

add more icing color, as needed

kneed fondant until color is incorporated

cut an 8″ square of the yellow fondant (slice of cheese)

cut long strips out of the green fondant (lettuce)

lay cheese on top of brownie

color 2 remaining sections of frosting with icing colors for ketchup/russian & mustard

Pipe ketchup on top of cheese

Layer the lettuce strips on top of ketchup

Pipe mustard on top of the lettuce

Top with the other layer of cake

enjoy with friends

dig in to your burger!

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